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Top 7 Video Hosting For Businesses in 2020

Where do you host your amazing video content? Of course, your first instinct would be YouTube, but as much as the platform is popular, it’s not always the first choice for many people (or even businesses). Some prefer hosting videos to a private channel, some to a creative community like Vimeo, and some want a video player that they can customize and integrate into their web platforms.

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Gold Award From Indigo Design Awards

Being announced as one of the winners by the reputable and respected members of jury in this competition certainly propel our fuel to continue doing what we’re passionate about and to do it even better – creating creative content.

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How to Prepare a Winning Explainer Video Proposal

For a creative agency, one of their most powerful tools to win high-profile clients is a proposal or a response to a request for a proposal (RFP). When it comes to hiring an agency to do video content, such as explainer videos or animations, companies are very specific as to who they bring on board. They want a team that can understand their business, their vision and their expectations from a video.

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How Sound Effects Help You Produce Better Corporate Videos

All videos, across all mediums, struggle against the same enemy: irrelevance. Your greatest fear shouldn’t be that your video is bad, but that nobody cares. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common fate for corporate videos.

The actual manifestation of irrelevance can take many forms. It could look like single digit YouTube views for your new commercial. Or perhaps it’s low engagement rates on the videos for your new training module. Either way, it’s not a good look.

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