case study

style : 3D, explainer video

Day One App


The Client


The team at Kasra Design was thrilled when approached by Day One, “2012 Mac App of the Year” award-winning app for iPhone, iPad and Mac, to develop an introductory video explainer for their new update to their app   “Publish”.

Here’s a little bit of background of how Publish work :

Publish enables users to share their favorite entries with friends and families and whoever they want to share the entries with, all up to them.

With Publish, Day One users to take selected journal entries and publish them to a responsive webpage that only they will know about. The web address for a published entry is provided only to the Day One user and the people that the user wishes to share it with.

Users can enable social services like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, with more to come. Each entry also retains social sharing statistics and links, including views, likes and shares.



Objective of the video


Day One wanted to create a 60-sec video explainer to introduce the latest update for their app called ‘Publish’.



How we did it


The Day One team was helpful and provided their input on the script and storyboard. There was a lot of creative space given by the Day One team so we created these interesting looking characters :


Case Studies: Video Explainer for Day One App


We utilized a color palette that matches the look and feel of the app’s branding. Bright colors were used to create a fun and upbeat mood for the animation.

In terms of animation, we decided to go for a mixture of 2D character animation, 3D object implementation and motion graphics to create something more unique and out-of-the-box.