case study

style : explainer video, motion graphics


Client: Essess

Essess specializes in thermal imaging that helps home owners identify energy leaks in a quick, easy manner, thus reducing energy consumption, improving energy performance and increasing property values.

Essess’ imaging capability traces its origins to the Duke University Medical Center, where Essess co-founder Dr. Jonathan Jesneck worked on a team conducting research on detecting early invasive breast cancers.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Jesneck assisted MIT’s Field Intelligence Lab with research on the technical and economic feasibility of using thermal imaging to identify energy loss in building structures. Today, Dr. Jesneck and his team of engineers are commercializing these technologies in collaboration with experts specializing in energy conservation, home improvement, property management, and consumer privacy.


Objective of the video:

We were approached by Essess team to produce a simple and effective introductory video for their technology.

Our client wanted the video to explain about how their thermal imaging technology works and how it solves the privacy issue that most other methods failed to address.

Essess technology only sees the amount of energy leaking from outside a home, not what’s going on inside. It provides the information necessary to improve the comfort of home and the quality of life.


How we did it:

The video is a mixture of character animation and motion graphics with 3D objects. We used simple and clean graphics by incorporating Essess’ brand colors to maintain a consistent branding. The background objects are mainly in grey. Bright colors were utilized in some scenes where we needed to emphasize on an important content to make the scene stand out more.