case study

style : 3D

Global Industrial (3D)

The Client

This 3D animated video is created for Global Industrial, an industry leader in providing private label and brand name industrial equipment and supplies to businesses throughout North America for over 60 years.

Global Industrial carries over 1 million industrial, material handling and business products which are sold through its website, corporate salesperson and catalogs available on smart devices.


Objective of the video

Our client wanted to create a personal connection between their brand and the B2B buyers, conveying a message on how Global Industrial can become a partner in their businesses. The idea was to show different products under different settings with an emphasis on the online and mobile product catalogs. It had to be an engaging video with the potential to go viral.


How we did it

It was a difficult task as we had to showcase more than 20 products under different settings.

Another challenge was to create an emotional connection without the use of any human characters. We did so by bringing the audience through buildings and background settings which are familiar to them. Below is the storyboard we created in Illustrator to show the client how the scene goes from one to another.


global-3d-storyboard (2)


global-3d-storyboard (3)



Once the Client has signed off the storyboard, we created and textured all the models in 3Ds Studio Max.


After that, we rendered realistic shots for the client to get a glimpse on how the models look like.


Then, we animated all the 3D models in 3D software and rendered the sequences using V-Ray. The entire post-production was done in Adobe software.

The music was also carefully selected in order to evoke emotion of the viewers and to maximize the impact.


The Result

This video went viral within a span of four months after our Client uploaded onto their website and Youtube page. As of today, it has been watched more than 700,000 times, and counting.