case study

style : explainer video, motion graphics




The client


MyGravyTrain, is a local Malaysian company that provides a click-and-share platform where users can share online content and brands that they like on their social networks and get rewarded in cash and other awesome gifts.



Objective of the video


Our client was looking for a cool, creative and playful animated video to promote their platform. The style they were looking for was an isometric 2D animated video but they want it with a human touch.



How we did it


Working with the MGT team was a great experience. We were given a considerable amount of freedom in terms of creativity.


We stumbled across some really cool isometric illustrations and animated videos before, so we’ve always wanted to create an explainer video using this style…and we were glad to have been given a chance to do so.

This is our first attempt at an isometric style 2.5D explainer video and our team had a great time during the production.


So what is an isometric animation?


If you’ve played with the Sims, Age of Empires or so on, you would probably know how this style looks like. In the gaming world, an isometric view is a display method used to create an illusion of 3D for an otherwise 2D game.

We created some colorful and playful characters that look like block-figures.  Some objects were created in Adobe Illustrator and the rest in Adobe After Effects.


The response


Two days after publishing the video on video sharing sites such as Vimeo and Youtube, it started receiving a great feedback from the public. As of today, it is already featured on well-reputable online motion graphics magazines and portals such as Aescripts Inspiration and Motion Graphic Trend and still counting.