case study

style : explainer video, motion graphics

Schneider Electric

Client: Schneider Electric – Data Center Genome

Schneider Electric is a Fortune Global 500 Top Company with more than 130,000 employees in over 100 countries, providing technology and integrated solutions to optimize energy usage in markets like energy & infrastructure, industry, data centres, buildings and residential.


Objective of the video:

The Data Center Genome, a project by Schneider Electric, aims to eliminate waste in data center to save up to $10 billion every year. It encourages knowledge sharing on data center management to stop wild guessing about requirements so we can start saving energy, raise efficiency and avoid headaches.

The animated video aimed to create awareness about the energy consumption of data center and the problems caused by it, calling out to the general public to join in the efforts to save the planet.


How we did it:

Kasra Design takes pride in being part of this worthy cause in promoting greater energy efficiency. Since it concerns a more techy issue, we decided to use simple graphics combined with motion graphics and some 3D elements to create a clean yet sophisticated look.