case study

style : 3D, explainer video, motion graphics

Stanley Engineered Fastening

We were approached by the team at Stanley Engineered Fastening in late November 2015 to produce an explainer video for the launch of their Electronics Engineered Standards Program.


The Client

STANLEY Engineered Fastening is a STANLEY Black & Decker Inc. Company, with global presence in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, . For more than 40 years, Stanley Engineered Fastening has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies. Stanley Engineered Fastening product or installation tool or system is used in virtually every industry, including aerospace and defense, agriculture/heavy equipment, appliances, industrial assembly equipment, automotive, construction, electronics, energy, medical, telecommunications and transportation. In short, anything that is manufactured is touched by Stanley Engineered Fastening.


The Objective

Our task was to create an interesting video to explain about rather rigid subject matter – a solution developed by the client to help companies rapidly launch their products with first-time-right fastening joint designs by leveraging the client’s expertise coupled with its global footprint. The focus markets include storage & computing, mobile media, home media, telecom/network enclosures etc.

We proposed a 2.5D animated video with implementation of 3D elements (to feature the client’s products).


The Process

Working with the Stanley team was remarkable as we were given full trust, support and freedom of creativity to complete the project within a short deadline (four weeks).

As part of our routine, we kicked off the production with script writing and character design. Taking into account the client’s key messages and target audience as well as style references, we developed some illustrations consisting of two character styles (for the client to choose from) and some objects to be used in the video.

Then, we developed the storyboards which consist of the actual characters and illustrations.

At the same time, we sent a selection of voice-over demos for the client to choose from. Once the client has approved the storyboards and voice-over recording, we were given the green light to proceed to the animating stage.






The Turnaround

All stages of production (pre-production, production & post production) took roughly 4 weeks to complete.