case study

style : 3D, motion graphics


Client: VectorStock©

Kasra Design was delighted when approached by the largest royalty-free Vector only stock agency in the world to create a 30-sec motion graphics piece called ‘What is Vector?’

An independent Vector only stock agency based in Middle Earth (New Zealand), VectorStock© Media’s focus and passion is creative Vector art. Launched in 2007 with a small selection of Vectors, today, they house hundreds of thousands of quality royalty-free Vector icons, design elements, illustrations and everything in between with a rapidly growing collection from the best Vector designers and illustrations around the globe.


Objective of the video:

The client wanted to create a 30-sec short promotional video to explain about ‘What is a Vector?’


How we did it:

The client had a clear idea on what they wanted and our task was to bring all the vectors to life in a fast moving motion graphics piece.