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1. What are the stuff that you do?

We create creative explainer videos and motion graphics that help you convey your ideas and projects to your target audience. We inject a sense of humor and fun into the videos we produced to capture viewers’ attention and interests to increase conversion rate. Check out our portfolio to see some samples of what we do. Other than that, we are also involved in TV commercials, product demos and 3D architectural visualization.

2. How do I get started and what are the processes involved?

Just complete our Standard Client Brief and let us know your video requirements such as video duration, animation style preference etc. We can start working on the project right away.


3. How long does it take to produce a one-minute animation?

It takes about 3-4 weeks to complete a one-minute animation, depending on the level of complexity ofproducing the animation, subject to how fast we receive your feedback and approvals.

4. Is it be possible to deliver an animation within a tight deadline, let’s say one week?

Yes, it is possible. However, a rushed fee will be charged, depending on the complexity of producing the animation as well as the deadline.

5. What are the main factors that are taken into consideration when it comes to costing?

The duration of the video is the first factor which will be taken into consideration when it comes to costing. Another important factor is the animation style preference. For example, a 3D animation will cost more than a 2D animation. We provide a few Packages that cater to different video duration, animation style preference and budget.

6. What does the cost include?

Our Starter Package, Gold Package and Viral Package are inclusive of creative audio script writing/editing, character design, storyboard development, professional voice-over and animation. Kindly check out our Packages page for more details.

If you have any specific preference in terms of video duration, animation style preference etc, just opt for our Custom Package and we will tailor the best Package for you.

7. What if I need the project files? How can I obtain them?

Like many other studios, there is a minimal charge for the preparation and submission of the project files. Please contact one of our staff in order to receive the quotation.

8. What if there will be more than one (1) round of revision (as described above)?

The cost is inclusive of creative script writing, character sheet, animation and one (1) round of revision (unless stated in the package). The cost, however, does not include the voice-over, voice-over sample and subsequent revisions on the approved scripts, storyboards and character design, which will be charged accordingly, depending on the level of complexity, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the commencement of the project.

9. For voice-over, what are the languages available?

We work closely with a large database of voice-over artists for a huge variety of languages and accents. Voice-over samples are available upon request by our clients.

10. What are the payment terms?

50% deposit is required before the commencement of the project and 50% upon completion of the project, before we release the final file without watermark. The payment term is 100% upfront should the client budget is lower than US$1500 or the project deadline is less than 2 weeks from the point of commencement.