Happy New Year 2017

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It’s the New Year.  We believe most of us have some sort of New Year resolutions. Whether it is to lose a few stones, to ‘tick’ few destinations off your bucket list, or to meet your Mr or Mrs Right – you’ve got every aspect of your personal life covered. But, have you ever thought about the resolutions to improve your productivity and creativity at work in order to achieve a higher level in your career or business?


Below are some of ours that we would love to share:


Use a planner

We have too many tasks and jobs in mind that our limited memory capacity can barely sustain.

Writing down your daily, weekly and monthly tasks help us to stay focused and effectively organize our time, and you’ll be able to see when you’re free exactly. This way, you can plan for more productive activities during your free time – whether it is to hit the gym, or source for more leads for your company, or simply to read the book that you were wanting to read since 2015.


Improve your skills

Apart from you day-to-day job, learning a new skill can never do any harm to your career.

Sign up for that interesting 3-week management course or improve your animating skills by watching tutorials to take your work to the next level.

The world is changing fast, so we adapt and improve in order to stay ahead of the game.


Shift your marketing strategy

Technology is going more mobile, more convenient, more human and it is changing at a pace more rapid than before.  As a result, we have to change the way we communicate with consumers. Having said that, age old methods like salespersons should be your last resort for modern buyers.

2 out 3 adults use social media to keep up with the news. In case you’re not aware, 8 billion people watch videos on Facebook every day. So make use of social media, videos and other online channels to boost your sales and generate more revenue for your company or your business. Don’t forget to make your videos as creative and fun to watch as you can.


Devise ‘cool-off’ period with your mobile gadgets

As we’re getting more reliant on mobile technology in our daily lives for work or leisure, it does have a negative impact on our health. Using our electronics after lights out will affect our sleep, causing a lack of sleep and affecting our productivity.

The solution?  Turn off your devices or place them in a different room when it’s time to sleep!


Plan your vacation

Taking a break from work is essential to take our minds off work. Vacations help us gain new inspirations and perspectives, so we end up feeling more refreshed and productive.

New experiences spark different sypnases in the brain, to revitalize the mind and enhance creativity.Overall, a significant 86% of people believe that travel improves their general mood and outlook toward life.


We hope these resolutions give you some ideas on how to increase your productivity at work or in your business. Happy New Year!