How to Choose An Animation Company

Animation Company - How to Choose One

When hiring a video production company to provide a specific service for you, how do you choose among a number of options?

It is important to consider several options so that you can compare which one excels in terms of technical skill, years of experience, output quality and even the rates for the services offered. After making a comparison, you can narrow down your choices to two or three companies, and make an informed decision from there.

This is the exact same process that you should follow when choosing an animation company to produce an explainer video for you. If you need an animation (2D or 3D) produced for your website or business, you need to hire one with technically skilled yet creative animators.  But you might not know much about the animation industry, so here is a checklist for you:


1) How many years have they been around?

Try to find out when the animation company started. You can also check their website’s Google page rank. The higher the page rank of the website, the longer it has been around. For example, it would take approximately 2-3 years to reach page rank 4.


2) Look at the animation company’s website:

If they are good designers, they would produce good design for themselves first. Proper animation and graphic design companies, never use template for their website.


3) Do they have an in-house team or do they outsource the projects?

This is really crucial. Majority of companies that outsource animation works, are not capable of doing what they do. Imagine, you are paying 3000 USD for your animation and they hire someone to do it at 1500 USD. Do you think there is a chance to get a premium quality with this process?  – The answer is NO.  So you have to make sure that your animation company has a physical address (where they claimed they are), as well as an in-house team of graphic designers and animators.


4) They claimed they’ve done tons of animations, but are these animations used by their clients or only rejected works?

While browsing an animation company’s portfolio, try to check their client’s websites to see if they ever published their works.


5) Verify their testimonials:

If they have a testimonial page, you may request for the animation studio to provide you with one or two referrals from their previous clients. If they ever offered a good service, they will happily share that with you.


6)  Have they ever been mentioned by other websites?

Try to find out if their works have been featured anywhere else apart from their own website or if they have ever won any awards. The latter is not really essential but it’s always good to check.


7) Are their prices reasonable?

Let’s say you have 3 quotes from 3 animation companies, do you have to opt for the cheapest one? Unless your budget is really tight, you do not have to opt for the cheapest provider. Here is why:

Animation production is a time consuming process which requires artists to brainstorm, conceptualize, research and draw. So there is no way to reduce cost other than cutting corners. You will get what you pay for. If you can wait to top up your budget and hire a better company, do it. There are tons of low quality animated videos on Youtube that no one bothers to watch, and you definitely don’t want your video to be on that list.

There are also some amateur animation companies offering unbelievably cheap and tempting prices and at the same time, providing a large list of warranties while promising an amazing piece of work, but ended up producing low quality animated videos for their clients. It is sad but true: even in this industry, you might get ripped off.


8) Do I have to request for a services agreement?

It is highly recommended to ask for a services agreement to be signed between you and the animation company in order to protect your own interests. Almost all established and reliable animation companies will provide you with a services agreement prior to the commencement of a project.


9) I need a voice-over for my animation. Should I record it on my end or request the animation company to provide?

If your script is ready and you are particular about the voice-over, it’s best to find a voice over artist or voice-over agency to get it done on your end. However, proper animation companies have a large pool of voice-over artists for you to choose from.