Kasra Design: Featured as a 2016 Leading Video Production Company

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clutch featured top video agency

Recently, Kasra Design was featured highly among other video production companies by independent research firm Clutch.Clutch is based in Washington, DC and has the very thorough research on video production companies and other creative agencies.


 Below is a quote pulled from a full review:

“I think what’s special is Kasra Design’s service, which is quite exceptional. In terms of creativity, they have a magic element there to make the whole process very smooth, and they have the skill to take boring data and translate it into creative work. I think it’s rare to find that in a design firm because they’re working with some complex data.”

Based on Clutch’s methodology, we were placed against other video production companies in their Leaders Matrix seen below. Their methodology took into account many things: our previous work, our client base, and our proven ability to deliver on past video production projects.

Client Say We Can Deliver

They reached out to one of our clients for an unbiased full-length review of our services. We were happy to see that our customer had a great experience working with us.

Kasra Design is always excited to hear when our clients had a good experience working with us. Clutch provides us with a great way to show our capabilities in all the different services we offer.