Gigwalk can make work better. More predictable. More efficient.


The objective

Managing a distributed workforce is no easy task. Especially when you can’t see what they’re doing. Add miscommunication, scheduling nightmares, and poor reporting and it can cost you millions. This is what exactly GigWalk helps to solve.

This video was developed in collaboration with Kiosk, a full service digital advertising agency based in Novato, California. The client wanted an animated video to creatively suggest the many applications of the software service.

We worked closely with the Kiosk team to develop the character and illustration style. Smooth and fluid motion graphics were added to the character animations and transitions to make the video more engaging to watch.


The result

The video was well received by the agency and the client. It also became one of the most popular videos loved by many of our subscribers and customers.

Video Style: 2.5D Animation

Client: Gigwalk

Client’s website:

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