TigerAir - Suit Yourself

Third video created for Tigerair's "I Should Have" Campaign


The objective

The final video we produced for Tigerair’s ‘I Should Have’ campaign in 2014, in collaboration with Tequila Singapore.

This video tells the story of a man who travelled to Bangkok and he learnt from his friends that he must get a suit made there. So he did, and it was a tight-fitting one. But he couldn’t control his appetite for Pad Thai (a famous Thai dish) and ended up gaining weight to the extent that he could not fit into his new suit. With Tigerair’s low fares, he can travel back to Bangkok easily to get another suit made.

The result

The series of videos we created for this campaign became the most watched videos on Tigerair’s Youtube channel, within a few weeks’ time. It was a successful campaign.

Video Style: 2D Animation

Client: TigerAir

Client’s website: Tigerair.com.au

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