This animated video was created for The Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), a non-profit organization based in Malaysia. In 1982, WAO opened its first shelter for battered women and their children. Its vision is to create a society that is free of violence against women and at the same time, to promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women.

WAO’s Refuge provides a shelter home to women in need: abused women, single mothers, migrant domestic worker and trafficked women. These women will receive counseling, legal advice and opportunities to learn new skills. A social worker will be assigned to a woman to help choose a life without violence.

Once the women leave the shelter to work independently, the Child Care Centre at WAO helps to care for their children. WAO provide a safe home, education and a good support system to help them start their healing process away from violence. WAO believes that all humans have the right to self determination and control of their lives. They educate the public and raise awareness on violence against women at schools, colleges, universities, corporations and government agencies and also work with other NGOs as part of acoalition called the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) to advocate women’s human rights.

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