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Let Messages Come Alive with the Power of Web Video Production

If you’re a website owner, you can let your messages come alive with the help of web videos. Online users are a visual bunch – they would much rather watch a five-minute video than read a webpage-long text when researching information about your company, products or services. If you will not take advantage of this fact, your website may just be browsed with a passing glance. Without videos, you are not giving online users a reason to stay longer in the web pages of your site.


The opposite applies when you have video integrated on your site. Even with a short clip, you can tell viewers what your company is all about. If there’s a new product that you would like to introduce, you can have web videos produced. If it has a funny script, there could even be a chance for your video to go viral – which will spike up the number of visitors to your site. If there’s a new business process that you would like your employees to learn about, videos instead of pages of manual is the best way to train them for it.


Qualities of a Powerful Web Video

If you would like to take full advantage of the benefits of a web video, how can you make sure that its qualities are powerful enough to make that instant impact to your audience?  Here are the characteristics of an impactful web video:


The clip presents your message with the tastes of your target audience in mind.

When having a professional video clip produced for your website, remember that your audience would want you to care about what they think instead of the other way around. If it runs like an orientation video for new employees where even the smallest details about your company history are discussed, they might say “Who cares? Why am I even watching this?” The number one quality of online users that you need to consider is how impatient they are.

If they conclude that watching your video is simply a waste of time, they will not even bother clicking on the Play button. So how should a good quality web video be made? Capture the interest of your target audience. If you are selling products for teenage girls, for example, your video should be young, hip and perhaps have a model who is of the same age as the market you are targeting.


The video is short but to the point.

Have you ever noticed how the most popular videos on YouTube are mere seconds or under a couple of minutes long? Again, the attention span of online users is quite short – so your videos should be equally short but to the point.


Even if the video is viral in nature, it should still accurately represent your brand.

When you create a website for your company, remember that it is just one part of your overall branding scheme. As such, a good quality video should actually represent your brand. Even if your goal is for the video to go viral, there should still be that branding message at the end of the clip.


Other qualities of a powerful web video.

Effective web videos are visually impactful, interesting and engaging. It should also have that statement in the end which creates an opportunity for follow-up so that you can reach your marketing goals.