What is Cut-Out Animation?

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If you have a website or a business, it is important for you to know a thing or two about animation. Let’s say that you are a website owner and you are selling a line of original products for women through your site. If you do not have a physical office, there will be no brick-and-mortar store for you to spend money on. The funds that you will save from this can be allotted to improving the website and your product.

In order to catch the fancy of your online users, you do need to invest in creative yet technically standout videos. You can use it to introduce your business to online users. If there’s a new product that you would like to tell people about, it will be more interesting to watch in a video that’s under five minutes, rather than having to read through pages of text or still photos. Videos in general are more engaging; they’re not time-wasters in the sense that online users would rather watch videos than read text on their computer screens; and they effectively send out your message.

Now, there are many types of videos that you can have produced for your site or business. Animated explainer videos are a perfect example of a clip that you can integrate on your site. Through them, you can introduce your company to a captured online audience and explain clearly what you have to offer as a business. What are the benefits that they will enjoy from taking advantage of your products or services? How does your brand stand out from your direct competitors? All these can be explained in videos in an engaging, interactive way.



An Introduction to CutOut Animation 

Aside from animated videos, cut-out animation is yet another type of video clip that you can integrate on your site. What exactly is cut-out animation? Even if you’re no fan of the popular show “South Park”, watching a clip from it will give you an idea about what cut-out animation is all about. South Park used to be made with cut-out animation and it was only when the show gained popularity that the creators used computer animation.

You may notice how the characters appear to be flat, and this is because cut-out animation uses flat characters, objects, props, backgrounds and even fabric or photograph to create the clip. Prior to the proliferation of computer animation, cut-outs had to be moved manually and shot individually – then shown quickly on screen to make it appear as if they’re moving.Today, computers are used to produce cut-out animation. Instead of using physically cut materials or images of characters, scanned images or vector graphics are placed on backgrounds to make it appear as if the objects are moving. Aside from South Park, other famous shows which use animation are “Blue’s Clues” where some of the characters are made using cut-out animation. There’s also Pigeon Street, Outer Space Astronauts and Nintendo’s Paper Mario.


How to Hire the Right Company to Create an Animated Video for You

Now, if you are looking for a company to create cut-out animation for your website or company, what are the things that you need to remember? Here are a few tips:

  • When choosing which creative video agency to hire, watch their sample cut-out animation clips first.
  • Make sure that they have sufficient experience in the field of cut-out animation.
  • Ask about the other types of videos that they produce. Do they have mostly independent business owners as clients, or is it mostly websites that they cater to?


Kasra Design, a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Animated Video Needs 

Kasra Design in Malaysia is one of the many companies specializing in creating animated videos. Cut-out animation is among the services that they offer including video commercials, explainer videos, creative web design interfaces, 3D animation and product demos. What makes their creative video services creation unique is the fact that it is a combination of creativity and technical skill. With something like cut-out animation, it is a must to pay attention to detail. The storyboard and script should also be solid so that the end product will meet the client’s specifications.

If you are looking forward to capturing the attention of your website’s online users, you should definitely consider the cut-out animation videos produced by Kasra Design.