Will Animation be a Key Pillar of UI Design Experience in 2020?

Animation be a Key Pillar of UI Design Experience in 2020
"Your animation will only make sense if it fits naturally into the UI ambience."

Determining those areas where animation has high utility is just part of the bigger picture. Whenever you plan to include animation in UI experience, you should employ the services of talented animation studios to ensure that it is well designed and appealing. Your animation will only make sense if it fits naturally into the UI ambience. A custom website design service can do that for you.

Animation is indispensable for increasing the impact of imagery since people find it easy to process visual information. We tend to focus automatically on objects and places where there is movement. Therefore, an app can have bright, catchy and meaningful animation to differentiate it well above the competition

Animation Trend In 2020

Being conscious of these facts, software developers are now increasingly making use of animation in their software, a trend that will only grow during 2020 and beyond. Gone are the days when applications had just static elements. Software of all sorts must now have dynamic appeal to sell in the competitive market.

animation inside UI

Increasingly, animation is now being deployed as more than just eye candy. It has functional uses in many of today’s leading software for better usability and utility. Strategically placed animation provides for a better user experience as well as a more user-friendly interface. Since animation conveys information in a highly visual and dynamic format, novice users may have little trouble in becoming comfortable with the interface. You can put animations in the right places so that users don’t have to suffer from exasperation or hassle while they try to figure out how the software works.

Functional animation continues to enjoy important uses in software and interface design. It is being deployed in a subtle and unobtrusive manner in the interface to augment its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Good functional animation has very well-defined and clear logical uses due to which it is crucial for bolstering the software design.

Functional animation can therefore serve a number of critical purposes like easing transition to the software, shortening the learning curve, improving recall, improving clarity of the interface and reducing the stress of understanding how to use the software.

Better User Experience

Well-designed and implemented animation is also very helpful for motivating users. One purpose of animations is to make the interface more animated, that is, bring it to life. Almost everyone has a greater preference for animated interfaces rather than dull, dreary and drab static interfaces that quite often happen to look mundane and abstruse at the same time. With an interesting interface you can motivate your customers to become lifelong users of your software.

Your clients will be impressed and will appreciate the lengths at which you are going to give them a smooth and easy user experience. If they get used to your software quickly enough and become adept at operating it, they will not be motivated to try out competing software. They may even become your unpaid marketers by recommending your app to others on account of its good animations, simplicity and sleekness.

user experience with animation

Nifty and clever animation will also make users feel that your app is more responsive. As soon as they click on something and the animation starts playing, they will be assured that your software is working steadily if it takes time to execute the function. Therefore, animation is helpful since it provides a visual feedback of sorts to users. When your animations respond seamlessly to user inputs and commands, they will gain a better sense of user experience. Your app will appear more interactive as it responds nicely through various animations. 2D animation studios specialise in these kinds of designs to elevate the responsiveness and usability of your website or app.

With animations, your interface will feel more solid, robust and tangible. Users will no longer feel that they are interacting with something on the screen that does not really exist. Instead, they will feel as though they are handling real life objects and pressing real buttons on a solid control panel. They may even forget momentarily that the interface is nothing more than an image on a computer screen.

A great example of using animation in the UI. (credit: behance.net/creativemints)



Animations also provide visual cues to the users in case they get stuck and falter. They will no longer have to scratch their heads and scramble for the tedious looking user manual that hardly anyone enjoys reading. They will also get a pleasant surprise as they see animations play in anticipation of their problems. When animations spring to life to help you towards the next step, you cannot help but wonder that the developer kept you and your needs at the forefront while building the software. Therefore, animations are a key feature that will facilitate the user journey and help customers to improve their productivity. Users will feel a greater sense of confidence and gain reassurance that the software is right for them and will help them whenever they are unsure about what to do next.


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Besides helping users to understand various functions, animations can work as a source of visual information that a function that they just activated is in progress and inching steadily towards completion. They will no longer feel a sense of uncertainly and be left in limbo while the software quietly does the job in the background.

Animation Studio

So whether you are making a natively installed app or a web based app, you can always count on a digital design agency for creative and clever animations that will enthrall and delight users. Our animation studio can design animations that will put your app in a league of its own.

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