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Top illustration Styles / Trends in 2019

Today’s designers want to embrace open spaces in a big way, and they are doing exactly that with open compositions. These are designs that give you the feeling that you may be seeing part of the whole picture, but as you take a second look, there’s a whole new world out there.

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Best Institutions to Study Animation and VFX in Singapore

In Southeast Asia, the wide usage of mobile devices, along with low-cost internet access have changed the way consumers view content traditionally. The increase in the consumption of video streaming has led to the development of more and more digital content.

As a result, the demand for animation, gaming and VFX has expanded.

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Top 6 Places to Learn 3D Animation in Malaysia

In 2018, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) initiated an on-ground survey to find out and analyse the animation industry amongst selected ASEAN countries.

Findings showed that the region’s animation industry is young yet robust and promising.

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