motion graphics


What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are storytelling with non-figurative based visuals, usually combined with music, which transforms on their own with swift transitions over time. Motion graphics can be accomplished through the incorporation of the following elements:-

i) 2D and 3D animation;

ii) Video;

iii) Film;

iv) Typography;

v) Illustration;

vi) Photography; and

vii) Music


Are Motion Graphics the same as Animations?

The terms ‘motion graphics’ and ‘animation’ are not the same. Digital animation encompasses a wide area and motion graphics can be considered as a specific type of digital animation used to animate simple statics.

Motion graphics are different from the traditional 2D and 3D animations. 2D and 3D animations can be used within motion graphics, but they can’t be termed as motion graphics themselves although the use of graphic design principles can blur the lines between traditional animations and motion graphics. Significant use of typography or animation of forms that would not be considered strictly narrative in nature would most like fall under the category of motion graphics.

To help you distinguish the differences between the term ‘motion graphics’, ‘2D animation’ and ‘3D animation’, Kasra Design’s Schneider Electric video is a good example.

i) If you look at the first scene where the data center starts building up – it is motion graphics.

ii) 2D animation was applied in the scene where the characters are seen typing using the type-writer.

iii) The 10 Billion weight and the Globe are in 3D.


Why Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics can be used for logo presentations, TV commercials, explainer videos, promotional videos and even film title sequence to capture the attention of your audience with visually engaging graphics that transforms over time with smooth transitions. They are catchy and delighting to watch.

If you’re looking for a persuasive and realistic marketing video to showcase or promote your project, product or service, one of the best ways to add polish and flares to your video is motion graphics. By combining both visual and auditory stimuli, motion graphics can cater to multiple learning styles and evoke stronger emotions.

Kasra Design offer high quality motion graphics services for your projects at friendly prices. If you’re into smooth movements and transitions, or you are looking for something outstanding to portray your ideas and concepts, our motion graphics artists can help you bring things to life with creative, smooth and sleep motion graphics. Whether it is for a TV commercial, corporate video, promotional video or even explainer video, motion graphics can be used on its own or to be incorporated into 2D or 3D animations.

Engage your audience with creative and dynamic motion graphics.