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What exactly are motion graphics?

First of all, what is meant by ‘graphics’. Graphics are designs, illustrations or data presented on a flat surface. This surface could be anything: a wall, a piece of paper even the street. But for our purposes the flat surface is, of course, a screen. The intention of static graphics is to inform or entertain.

Although the term ‘motion graphics’ is quite broad, it essentially refers to graphics that create the illusion of motion. Even though ‘motion graphics’ can be designated to anything from abstract animation to the presentation of data, it is generally reserved for the commercial side of things, effects and animations applied to video and interactive applications.


“Motion graphics can be designed to fit any tone or situation, whether it be overtly creative or steadfastly professional and functional.”

Why Should You Choose Motion Graphics?

Accessible. This style of video makes any information you want to share more accessible. Information and ideas that might otherwise be confusing or overwhelming when on paper or being delivered through speech instantly become much easier to digest.

Captivating. Crucial information can also be boring! Boring information is much harder to remember. Motion graphics can transform dull facts and stats into something much more visually engaging and easy to log in your mind.

Versatile. There are so many options when using this medium. The process of making these videos invites creativity and innovation. As well as the scope for motion graphics being large, these are also design methods that can be easily combined with other visual and audio techniques.

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What are the steps in making motion graphics?


  1. Script Writing
  2. Mind Mapping
  3. Object & Style Sheet
  4. Storyboard Development
  5. Voice Over Recording
  6. Animating Stage
  7. Sound Effects & Music
  8. Translation & Foreign Voice (If needed)
  9. Delivery & Formats

The Advantages of Motion Design


Brand Awareness. Audiences remember videos. They are far more likely to make a lasting connection with your business through video than through any other medium. There are so many visual elements you can include to get your viewers associating with your brand… they could recognise anything from the video design, logos, music choices, products, colour schemes – these are big brand building blocks.

Conversation Starters. Nothing is commented on or talked about as much as a really good video. Also, your feedback is immediate, people literally comment on online video content in real time. No waiting around for market research, you can gauge your consumer reaction right away.

Fast Moving, Far Reaching. A video can make it across to the other side of the world in seconds. Videos are shared more than anything online by quite a large margin. Great motion graphics design will ensure a great video that communicates and resonates with people all over the world, helping you leap into the global consciousness.

What Is the Difference Between Motion Graphics and Animation?

In a general sense, animation can actually fall under the umbrella term of ‘motion graphics’. But, in the context of the commercial video world, they are different things.

The main difference is that animation is generally story and character led. This is an excellent way to go for something like advertising, especially when what you are selling is an experience of some kind – this makes it easier for the viewer to empathise with whatever you are trying to convey. However, if you are trying to convey data or information in a concise way, or selling something that is not ‘story appropriate’, animation is probably not the way to go!

So no matter which industry your business is in, our team will be able to propose a motion graphics solution for you. You may send the brief and goals that you wish to achieve with a video and we will take it from there.


Kate Kolambet
Marketing Manager - Skwarts

“We really enjoyed working Kasra Design. Each step was transparent, and the result was great. We like their unique graphic style and admire their professionalism.”

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