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Why animated explainer video matters in UAE?

This “digitalisation” of businesses has been monumental in boosting the value of previously unknown companies and leveling them at the new heights of success, all through successful marketing. According to data collected by LinkedIn about the 10 most successful startups in UAE in 2021, every business that saw its rise in 2021 is at least partially internet-oriented, if not completely.

Whether you want to spread brand awareness, introduce a new product or service to the world, or just want to explain a complex idea to your target audience, an animated explainer is your most reliable option.  It can be easily used for educational and awareness purposes, with many interesting visuals that keep the audience intrigued throughout the playtime.

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“If your business is in UAE, animated explainer videos can help you effectively connect with the middle-east audience and beyond.”

Video explainers can help your UAE business

If you have done even a little research about the current marketing strategies of businesses around the world and your very own UAE competitors, you must have noticed that the use of explainers is getting increasingly popular with every passing day.

According to the recently collected data, about 80% of the UAE traffic on the internet was occupied by videos in 2021, with the percentage only predicted to increase in the upcoming years. Additionally, according to reports released by Animoto, about 93% of brands using animated explainers amassed new customers.

Other statistics suggest that more than 60% of consumers prefer watching explainers before buying products to understand their features better.

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How animated explainers help startups and established businesses

A startup business must cope with many issues to stand on its feet. It must reach its target audience first. When it is achieved, the second thing is to grab their attention, then engage them through your content, and then persuade them as well.

Needless to say, the process is quite challenging pretty much from the start. But guess what, a video can do all of that for you single handedly.

With its ability to increase your visibility in the algorithms by 53x times (role in SEO), visually pleasing, and highly intriguing nature, it will not only carry your message to the right audience but skyrocket your conversions by a considerable margin.

Animated explainer videos for established businesses

Well, as an established business, we assume that your customer engagement and sales are already good enough to keep you in the game. But guess what, there’s always room for improvement. Perhaps including an animated explainer just might be it for you?

Anyways, explainers are as much necessary for startups as for established businesses. You can use them for employee training, new product introduction, or just explaining your new policy? There’s a lot you can do with it; it’ll only add up more value to your already successful business. Dubai’s biggest telecommunication company, Etisalat, is an example.

Need an animated explainer video?

Kasra Design is a reputed animation and video production company with a long journey of excellence. With our talented team of animators and designers, we have successfully made over more than 800 videos for some of the biggest brands in the world. Those include Pepsico International, Commonwealth Bank, HP, DELL, Intel, and the list goes on.

We offer our UAE clients content that is guaranteed to rank, engage, and sell, regardless of who the target audience is. That too, at the most reasonable prices as per the current rates and minimal overhead charges. With your ideas and our creative abilities, we are confident to take your business to levels unreached previously.

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Our Accolades

Ever since our inception, we have successfully garnered numerous awards under our belt for producing distinguishing video content. Some of them include:

  • Gold Award- Indigo Design Awards 2020 (Computer Animation Category)
  • 2nd Best Commercial Award- Los Angeles Animation Festival 2018
  • The Leading Asia Video Agency Award- Clutch. co
  • Best Animation Award- Independent Film Awards London 2019

Ready to level up your marketing game? Fill up the form below right now, and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to play our part in your business’s success story!

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