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Should You Make Videos For your Event?

What better way to let your customers know what to expect from your event than to show them what to expect. Events, by their nature, are tactile experiences. At an event you are stimulated via all five of your senses, so it is logical to try and engage as many of those senses as possible when promoting your event.

You will want to create excitement and expectation when it comes to you event. Through video you can offer a taste of the sounds, slights, smells and emotions available to experience at your event.

So, the answer is yes! You should be making videos for your event.


“Text and images alone cannot do this, nothing teases an atmosphere quite as well as video. ”

Keys to A Successful Event Video

Information. Before you get into the excitement of capturing the spirit of your event through footage, decide what information you wish to include. Getting people excited about your event is all very well, but this is no use if they don’t know how to buy tickets or what time its starts! So, make a list of the crucial information, and decide how it is going to be communicated.

Shot List. Even if you are using animation, you need to know what elements of you event you want to show. If this is through live footage, then decide what elements you want to shoot and make sure you schedule your time correctly to catch those moments.

Concise. It is always tempting, especially if your event is large, to try and cram a lot in. The best videos are simple videos. So, choose what to include wisely.


What are the steps in making an event video?


  1. Script Writing
  2. Character & Style Sheet
  3. Storyboard Development
  4. Voice Over Recording
  5. Animating Stage / Live Action
  6. Sound Effects & Music
  7. Translation & Foreign Voice (If needed)
  8. Delivery & Formats

How to Promote Your Event with Video


Momentum. Video can benefit your event, and subsequently your organisation, before and after the event. You can release video to advertise your event, post footage from the event itself just after the event, and keep posting videos in the aftermath. Keep the buzz going about your event, even when it is over; reactions, highlights, positive stories to come out of the occasion. This is a great way to extend the life of your event, and to use it as a springboard for the next one!

Story. This is always important, stories are the gateway to how we build relationships and empathy. If your event is the first of its kind, learning about the ethos and origin of your organisation will warm the audience to your brand. If it is the next in a line of similar event, you can use the success and excitement of previous occasions to introduce, or remind, the viewer of how wonderful it was last time!

Engaging. Make your video, short, bright, exciting and engaging. If possible, leave your prospective customer wanting more. Make sure it packs a punch in a short amount of time!

Different Types of Video

Live Action. The best way to give a flavor of what your event is like, especially if you have previous events to draw footage from. You can pack it with activities, testimonials, products and whatever else you want the viewer to see!

Facade Projection. This is prefect to add another dimension to the event itself! As you may have guessed, this style of video is designed to be projected onto a facade; a large flat surface such as the side of a building, tent or screen. Use this to capitalize on the appetite of the customers who have turned up to your event.

Animation. If your event is trickier to describe, or if your want to create a greater sense of story, then animation is a good way to go. Although it is has less of a human connection, it is much more cost effective and is much more versatile when it comes to manufacturing tone.

wief 3d production event

Mark Tieszen
Vista Manufacturing

“We had a demo video for a product proposal we needed to concept, produce and get in front of the customer in a short amount of time. I had some doubts never working with an animator not US based, but Kasra shattered those doubts. They worked quickly to requests understanding via phone call and email the precise direction and images we wanted to show the customer with no language barrier.”

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