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What is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video is used to explain a complex topic simply and comprehensively. The target audience is usually general, and the video is structured and produced in a way that educates them about a specific product or service.

Every year, thousands of startups spring up in United States. But only a few of them make it to the level of success. And that’s well justified. The fact that so many businesses are trying to take an edge in the relentless competition, there’s little to no room for a company with no proper strategy worked out right from the beginning.

That can easily be achieved through a powerful marketing medium like animated explainer videos.

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“U.S marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users according to”

How animated explainer video helps U.S businesses

In simple terms, it can do wonders for your business. But mere statements aren’t enough to prove the point. And that’s why we have gathered up some useful data to help you understand the effectiveness of animated explainer videos. Get ready for some shocking facts:

  • The inclusion of video on your company’s landing page can boost your conversions by 80% (Unbounce)
  • Videos are more engaging than any other marketing medium on social media and other websites. (Mention)
  • 39% of U.S consumers immediately call a vendor after watching an explainer video. (Forbes)
  • 91% of marketers are satisfied with their video marketing strategy results, and 93% of businesses credit their huge ROI to (explainer) videos. (Buffer)

The bottom line is, if you want your business to be a winner in the current race, the use of videos in general and animation in specific is inevitable.

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Startups, established businesses, and animation

With the effectiveness point well established through concrete statistics, let us tell you what’s the actual trick behind this success before diving deeper into their strategic significance.

According to scientific research, individuals can better comprehend something presented in graphical rather than writing form. That is because the attention span of an average person has reduced to less than 8 seconds in the past three decades. With its significant role in boosting the overall SEO and the ability to connect to your audience at a more personal level, you will not only be seen but listened to and even trusted from the very first interaction.

This increases the chances of your startup turning into a major success. Companies like Snowflake, Opendoor, and SoFI, ranked among the top 5 in 25 successful startups in the US, are good examples.

Where to use animation explainers?

Now that’s the best thing about animation explainers. You can use them anywhere you want as long as the purpose relates to the main function of these videos, which is to educate. So no matter what you have to say or present, you can rely on it without any second thoughts.

That being said, the main mediums through which animated explainer videos are usually presented to the target audience are a company’s landing page, the home page, social media ads, emails, and any place where you can reach out to them.

Besides, as more and more American businesses are moving towards convenience and time saving, they are automating everything, unnecessary meetings included. So when they have a policy change (which happens a lot among U.S businesses) or, let’s say, are developing an employee training program, they simply put everything in a short, conclusive explainer that serves the same purpose but more effectively and more conveniently.

Who are we? What we offer…

Kasra Design is a group of highly talented animators specializing in explainer videos, TV commercials, motion graphics, corporate videos, and any sort of 2D and 3D animations. Since our inception in 2011, we have produced numerous award-winning animations and worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

With a vast portfolio spanning over 800+ videos, it includes everything, from corporate to commercials and anything in between. That too, for some of the world’s leading American brands, including Pepsico International, Charles River, Shell, VISA, Stanley, and many more.

Since we believe in providing value, you’ll find our prices much more reasonable compared to local American video production companies, with minimal overhead charges.

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Our Accolades

Just for reference, the following are some of the major accolades we have under our belt, with many others that stand as a testimony to our craft!

  • Gold Award- Indigo Design Awards 2020 (Computer Animation Category)
  • 2nd Best Commercial Award- Los Angeles Animation Festival 2018
  • The Leading Asia Video Agency Award- Clutch. co
  • Best Animation Award- Independent Film Awards London 2019

Apart from that, we have also been fortunate enough to be featured on notable websites and magazines, including Stash Media, InCG Magazine, The Inspiration Grid Magazine, Motiongrapher, Color Magazine, SME Magazine, and many more.

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  • Intel
  • Ogilvy Logo Client
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  • Credit-Suisse Bank
  • Charles-River client
  • Dell client
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