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Why Partner with Us for Your 2D Animation Needs?

Illuminate Ideas with 2D Animation: Move beyond the conventional with the simplicity and elegance of 2D animation. This style of animation introduces a unique layer of clarity and engagement to your narrative. It’s just easy and pleasant to watch!

Precision in Every Frame: Our skilled team of 2D animators focuses on every detail of each frame. With a commitment to high quality, we ensure that the core identity of your brand is articulated with precision in every piece of 2D animation we produce.

Innovation Through Creativity: Instead of merely adapting to existing trends, our 2D animation studio strives to be a pioneer. Our creative designers use the latest techniques and tools to develop increasingly complex animations each time.

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“”What I love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.” – Jeffrey Katzenberg

Our 2D Animation Services

Visualizing with 2D Animation: This style of animation turns your products into compelling stories. Our 2D animations captures your product’s core in a visually engaging format.

Engaging Brand Stories: Each brand carries a story ready to be told. Through the good use of 2D animation, we bring stories to life and touch your audience both emotionally and mentally.

Effective Explainer Videos: 2D animation is good at turning complex ideas into straightforward stories. It makes challenging concepts accessible and very enlightening. It is also cost effective.

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What Makes 2D Animation an Interesting Medium?

2D animation continues to be a fundamental method in storytelling. It’s really a timeless approach that brings stories to life using two-dimensional characters and scenes.

It’s widely used in various formats such as Network series, online series and educational materials. Also, 2D animation plays a significant role in explainer videos and educational videos because of its ability to simplify and effectively communicate complex ideas.

With ongoing growth in digital tech, interest in 2D animation keeps increasing. This is mainly because the artistic style of 2D animation and its cost effectiveness which makes it a very good choice for various businesses.

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Is 2D Animation a Common Tool Among Companies?

The evolution of animation technology has significantly broadened what we can do with visual communication. These days, businesses have a plethora of animation styles at their disposal for crafting their marketing messages.

2D animation, in particular has been a go-to choice for many. If you spend some time on YouTube or Vimeo, you’re bound to run into plenty of 2D animations. This style stands out for its ability to weave stories and evoke emotions while keeping the cost low. Moreover, using animated characters in 2D brings an extra layer of fun with its storytelling ability without needing to mimic reality. It is perfect for showcasing abstract concepts or services.

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What are The Steps in Making a 2D Animation?

  1. Research & Analysis
  2. Script Writing
  3. Character & Style Frame
  4. Storyboard Development
  5. Animation Production
  6. Voice Over Recording (if required)
  7. Post Production
  8. Sound Effects & Music

How Can You Utilize 2D Animation Effectively?

Crafting a captivating 2D animation begins with understanding your audience and tailoring your message accordingly. 2D animation with its artistic look is well-suited for commercials, explainer videos or anything in between.

Choose software like Adobe After Effects for seamless integration and control. Embrace storytelling to create a better connection with your audience, focusing on conveying your brand’s values and message. Don’t forget to use humor whenever possible.

2D animation appeals to audiences of all ages, offering versatility in various industries. It’s widely used in gaming and entertainment for its appealing nature.

As animation software advances, 2D video becomes increasingly accessible, hence its lower production costs compared to 3D. Many companies choose 2D animation for marketing campaigns because it is really effective in converting audience into customers. If you want to grab the attention of people and then convince them to buy something from you, then 2D animation (also known as 2D explainers) is your best and most affordable choice.

2d animation series for PetroChina

Dickon Bonvik-Stone
Marketing Manager - Miros Group

“The video seamlessly matched existing graphical assets to create an animation detailing how our radar technology works and how it can be applied to various maritime industries.

The output. It’s really fantastic. Also, the speed of each iteration, based on our feedback, was impressive.”

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