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What is an “Explainer video”?

It is known by different names to different people. Some call it landing page video; others homepage video, while most people call it explainer video. Whatever you want to call them, you may run into these words and wonder “what’s this?”

One of the most famous explainer videos is that of Dropbox. Interestingly, the explainer video on their landing page helped Dropbox evolve from a simple file-sharing startup to a company that now has more than 50 million customers and a valuation of about 4 billion U.S. dollars.

Long story short, an explainer video “explains” what you do quickly and efficiently to anyone. It is widely acknowledged that video is the future of marketing. Hence you should consider investing in a video to market what you want to offer.

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“Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process, it’s not random.”

Ken Robinson

Are other companies using explainer videos?

Today, a considerable number of startups rely on prominent explainer videos on their homepage. Just browse the internet to know how much. For a wider perspective, just look at how companies like Google and Facebook use explainer videos as an indispensable part of their entire marketing strategy.

Also, several businesses conduct A/B tests on these particular types of video on their home page, but these numbers are usually not disclosed. However, the effectiveness of product video in e-commerce and retail has been well-documented, and the same factors that help these video selling products also seem to apply to the promotion of web services and apps.


What are the steps in making explainer videos?


  1. Script Writing
  2. Character & Style Sheet (If it’s animated)
  3. Storyboard Development
  4. Voice Over Recording
  5. Animation / Live Action Production
  6. Sound Effects & Music
  7. Translation & Foreign Voice (If needed)
  8. Delivery & Formats

How can you leverage explainer videos?

Well, for example, you have a product or service. Your audience has a problem. You know you can solve these issues – but how do you get the right people to know your product? One of the more popular ways to talk to an audience is through an explainer video. With an explainer video, you can explain your product or service quickly and concisely to your audience. They are great for introducing your target audience to your products. They sit at the top of marketing funnels but can be used at a range of locations (your website, paid campaigns, social media and many more) to increase awareness, promote engagement, and increase conversion rates.

Why are explainer videos so popular now?

The increasing popularity of explainer videos can be attributed to some changes in how technology, culture and business are done. Computer processors are faster than before, internet connections are super fast and also uploading and embedding on all social media platforms are now a straightforward task. All these make the use of video evermore popular.

Here are just some statistics: Video sharing is done 1200% more times than words and links (Orion 21). The usability of video on your website increases the likelihood of your landing page appearing on the first page of Google by 53% (Mist Media).

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Christine Liew
Founder – Shoppertise

“The impactful animated videos attracted positive feedback from internal stakeholders and dramatically simplified labor-intensive industry presentations. Kasra Design’s consistent performance, quick incorporation of feedback contributed to a successful relationship.”

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