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If you own a website, here’s one thing that you need to know. On the home page, online users are known to spend six times as long going through your web pages if there’s video integrated, as compared to a website that is purely text-based. As you may already know, people are visual creatures. They want to see something that catches their eyes, otherwise they lose interest. This is especially true for online users who are clicker-happy.

Once they see something about a site that they don’t like, or if the pages are loading too slowly for their patience to be tested, they immediately opt out. As a website owner, it is entirely up to you to come up with ways to entice them to visit your website – and make them stay there as long as possible. Animated video production is one way to accomplish just that.


Animation & Animated Videos

Now, what exactly are animated videos? The 1940 film Pinocchio produced in the United States is an example of traditional animation which uses hand-drawn images to make the images move on screen. Other types of animation include moving images of puppets, clay, cut-outs, silhouette, object, brickfilm, pixilation and graphic animation.

From the stop-motion technique used by animators several decades ago, the technology used in animation has totally improved today. There are plenty of software that will allow you to produce highly effective videos to engage your audience. Not only are they meant to be watched, but well-made videos can also send out the messages that you would like to impart to your audience.



Benefits of Animated Videos when Integrated in Websites

 Next, what are the benefits of integrating videos in websites? Take a look at the following list:

  • The videos help engage your visitors.

Online users will not waste time in websites which do not add any value to their browsing experience. The only exception is if they wish to idle away their time looking at mundane stuff that interests them. But if the main purpose of browsing is to get information, they wish to accomplish their goals right away. A video integrated in the home page of your website will do just that. Animated videos help engage visitors as it gives them something to interact with, thus adding value to their visit.

  • They help increase your conversions.

No matter which product or service it is that you are offering to your core audience, a video is the most effective way to send out your message. When you compare a 500-word description with a 2-minute video, which one do you think online users will be more interested in viewing? The video is the natural choice. As such, if you wish to increase your conversions, you should definitely choose video over text descriptions – simply because online users would rather watch than read.

  • They help educate your audience.

An animated video which is simple, engaging and sends out the message properly through visual impact will help educate your audience. Again, online users visit websites to reap benefits from the experience. When you try to inform using videos, you will capture the interest of your audience.

  • They help improve your rankings.

More importantly, if your videos are viewed and shared by many online users, it will drive traffic to your site. A high search engine ranking will make your site popular to Bing, Yahoo and Google users.


Animated Video Production from Kasra Design  

Now, if you are looking for a professional studio to produce high-quality, engaging and interesting animated videos, Kasra Design is the company to trust. Some of the video-related services that they offer include:

  • Commercial video production.
  • Explainer video production.
  • Television commercial video production.