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2D & 3D Animation

2D animation allows for high-level customization according to your branding needs, whether it is a character-based animation, typography animation or motion graphics. This is one of the most sought-after video styles that can be stylized according to each client’s individual preference and branding materials. It is also more budget friendly as compared to 3D animation.

If you’re looking to introduce a brand new product, a ground-breaking prototype or unveil your special project, 3D animation adds depth and space to your video for a smooth and sleek outcome. 3D animation can also be used to explain medical breakthrough, complex scientific processes, techy innovations & product demos.

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Live Action Video Production

If you want to add a human touch to your business, or you want to show how things work in reality, nothing can beat a live action video featuring real people and real location. Animation can be added to live action videos to make it more interesting and fun-to-watch.

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Camera-Shooting Live Action

Healthcare Animation

The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from this type of videos. From explaining a difficult medical process to a healthcare communication software, video animation services can help turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand content. This will benefit healthcare professionals, patients and even the general public.

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Event Video

Preparing for a big event? Do you want to launch your new concept in an upcoming conference? Event videos can be used to introduce your ideas and concepts to a mass audience to create a greater impact for your special events and to leave better impression and lasting memories among your event attendees.

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Non-Profit Video

If you would like to spread awareness about a special cause that you believe in, or if you’re looking to show your heartfelt appreciation to your donors and volunteers, you can make use of a video to inform and to motivate your fundraisers. Connect with your audience through the power of video to make the world a better place.

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Corporate Interview

Corporate interviews are great for company introduction and client testimonials. These videos help your brand build a real connection with your viewers, creating real value and engagement with authentic first-hand stories from those who have experienced working with your company.

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