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The Future of The Healthcare Video

Many healthcare professionals see the internet as a hindrance rather than a help. Many doctors complain that the public incorrectly self-diagnose due to poor online information. This can lead to fatal errors and uncomfortable doctor/patient altercations.

However, healthcare companies are finally coming around and embracing the possibilities of the internet and this includes video. They are starting to use video sharing to advertise and to inform. If the healthcare information available online is prescribed by the professionals, then the frequency of mistakes and misunderstandings is likely to reduce.


“The use of video in healthcare is still in its infancy, but it looks like it has a huge role to play in the future of health-based information.”

What Can You Leverage from A Healthcare Video

Educate. You can relay information about aliments, symptoms and self-diagnosis; this offers more self-sufficiency in the public’s ability to care for themselves. You can introduce the public to hospital protocols and processes, so patients will know what to expect when they come in and will be more at ease with the situations they find themselves in.

Promote. We have many healthcare themed days, weeks and months. But we don’t always know when they are or how to get involved. Put all the information in your video, tell us what you are doing to get involved with the event, and inspire the public to do the same.

Testimonials. Nothing inspires confidence in a healthcare institution or professional like a testimonial. Get patients to talk about how wonderful you are, and then spread it across the internet!


What are the steps in making a healthcare video?


  1. Research & Analysis
  2. Script Writing
  3. Character & Style Sheet
  4. Storyboard Development
  5. Voice Over Recording
  6. Animating Stage
  7. Sound Effects & Music
  8. Translation & Foreign Voice (If needed)
  9. Delivery & Formats

Why the Healthcare Industry Should Embrace Video Marketing


Video marketing is the most effective way to advertise and communicate across all industries. If an industry decides not to harness its success, then they are missing a trick! However, aside from all the commercial benefits of video use, there are some very good and specific reasons that healthcare videos should be produced.

Information is power. The prime objective of healthcare is, of course, to keep everybody healthy. Should they not be exploring every avenue to make that happen? Producing video might seem a frivolous endeavour, but if the information on how to keep ourselves healthy and looked after is out there, won’t we be a healthier nation as a whole? This will elevate the pressure on health organisations, and as a result make them more efficient and effective.

Video is an incredible tool, and could be a big player in the future of healthcare if the industry chooses to harness it.

Live Action or Animation?

Live Action. This is the perfect style to go for if you want your viewers to have empathy with your content. Seeing physical evidence of people experiencing your product or service puts the customer in their shoes.

Animation. Animation is much more cost effective. It also, arguably, is much more versatile and has a greater span of potential applications. For example, 3D animation is great for product demonstration or medical visualisation.

Our team will be more than happy to prescribe a healthcare video solution for you. You may send the brief and goals that you wish to achieve with a video and we will take it from there.

healthcare live action sample video

Kate Kolambet
Marketing Manager - Skwarts

“We really enjoyed working with Kasra Design. Each step was transparent, and the result was great. We like their unique graphic style and admire their professionalism.”

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