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Why animated explainer video matters in Australia?

With 2021 meeting its end, we have seen a lot of business startups blooming in Australia. According to the yearly “Top 25 hottest business startups”  publication released by Forbes, this has been one of the most successful years for new businesses, especially for tech and SaaS companies like Employment Hero, Eucalyptus, Shippit, and Willow, etc, that completely rely on the internet for their operation and video marketing.

Talking of video marketing, the recent talk of the town is animated explainer videos. And boy oh boy, it’s a conversion beast around the world and Australia is no exception. Almost every small and big company bowing towards it at a tremendous rate. In other words, it’s the most viable investment you can count on currently. But that is only if you believe in statistics ;).

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“About 60% of Australian businesses have been using videos as their primary marketing tool since 2020”

How video explainers help your Australian business

Well, you’ll be damned! According to the latest statistics, about 60% of Australian businesses have been using videos as their primary marketing tool since 2020, with 59% of adult Aussies watching video content on their smartphones.

Top it off with the 79.9% of the Australian population active on social media and the 157% traffic boost that a single video generates for your website, and you are in a world of limitless possibilities.

Now those were just some of the statistics from Australia. The scope of animated explainers is directly associated with global consumer behaviour; the secret lies in psychology. Accept it or not, but we crave convenience everywhere. Using explainer videos, you get to convert maximum leads into full-fledged conversions, mate 😉

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Startups and established businesses– what you need to know

One of the most common questions asked by businesses about animated explainer videos is, do they work? Well, let us make it simple. Yes, they do! And that’s not just an anecdotal statement, but a concrete fact supported by thousands of statistics in and outside Australia.

To give you some idea, about 83% of businesses say that their homepage explainer video is working wonders for them, and they will continue to use it as one of their primary tools of marketing.

Moreover, as per statistics, about 93% of online product consumers say they always watch an animated explainer video to learn about a product, with 77% of users preferring duration no longer than 2 minutes. Not to mention the 50x likeability of video to rank on search engines organically.

 Where can you use animated explainers?

One of the best things about animated explainer videos is that they can be used anywhere, for any purpose. It can be on your landing page, the home page, or even be an effective social media ad, especially on YouTube.

Many Australian businesses also integrate separate explainers on different service and product pages to effectively educate the users and help them decide whether the product or service is suitable for their needs, playing a substantial role in generating conversions.

However, since that approach can get quite costly, the central area of priority is always social media ads and landing pages. You can’t educate anyone until they can see and hear your brand. And an explainer will ensure that your brand message is propagated loud and clear.

Need an animated explainer video?

Kasra Design is an award-winning animation company consisting of highly skilled animators and designers, specialising in animated explainer videos, corporate videos, 2D, 3D, and motion graphics.

Since our inception in 2011, we have established ourselves as one of the world’s top animation and video production companies through consistent results, dedication, and love we put in each project for our clients.

With a portfolio spanning over 800+ videos, including some major brands in Australia like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Appco Group Australia, Shell, HP (Australia), Intel, VISA, we guarantee work that will rank, engage, and sell like nothing else. We also partner with many Australian voice-over artists to cater to your local voice-over needs.

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Our Accolades

Through the consistent hard work of our talented team, Kasra Design has been successful in making some of the best animations, earning us numerous accolades. Following are a few of them:

  • Gold Award- Indigo Design Awards 2020 (Computer Animation Category)
  • 2nd Best Commercial Award- Los Angeles Animation Festival 2018
  • The Leading Asia Video Agency Award- Clutch. co
  • Best Animation Award- Independent Film Awards London 2019

Apart from that, we have also been fortunate enough to be featured on notable websites and magazines, including Stash Media, InCG Magazine, The Inspiration Grid Magazine, Motiongrapher, Color Magazine, SME Magazine, and many more.

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  • Ogilvy Logo Client
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