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Is TV Advertising Still Relevant?

There has been speculation over the last few years as to whether TV advertising is still worth investing in. We think it is. Here are a few reasons why!

Live. If you are into sports, you know most people will catch live events live if possible. Also, think of huge events like the Super-Bowl. Then think how much TV advertising you consume through watching these events.

Old Habits. Although most people from the millennial generation don’t really consume film and TV in the same way anymore, many of the older generations do! Because of older generations are still digesting their media through live TV on average 4-5 hours a day.

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“TV advertising is still very much worth it”

Why Do I Need A TV Commercial?

Target a Demographic. Who is your company or product for? Do your research, if you are aiming your services at a group of people who are known to watch live TV, then you would be missing a trick if you didn’t pursue this avenue.

Unexpected Customers. Online video tends to be liked and shared by an audience that you have targeted specifically, but TV ads can take advantage of ‘passing trade’. If somebody is watching their favourite show and happen to see a product advertised that they wouldn’t ordinarily be on the look out for, and they like it, you might have yourself a new customer!

More Information. TV ads are not ‘skippable’. Any online video is at the mercy of the viewer, they can stop or skip it at any time. The TV viewer has not choice but to watch your ad.

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What are the steps in making TV commercial?


  1. Script Writing
  2. Character & Style Sheet
  3. Storyboard Development
  4. Voice Over Recording
  5. Animating Stage / Video Shoot
  6. Sound Effects & Music
  7. Translation & Foreign Voice (If needed)
  8. Delivery & Formats

Different Types of TV Commercial


Live Action. This style of advert uses footage of real, and tangible, people, places and things. A great option of your service or product can be applied to everyday experiences, e.g. car hire, a child playing with a toy, eating a food product. Live action is relatable for the audience, as they can recognise situations and imagine themselves using what you are selling with ease.

2D and 3D Animation. If you want a lighter tone or are putting across an idea that is either complex or not typically very engaging, then animation is a great choice. The medium is much more versatile than live action, you can add colour, imagination and fantasy.

Stop Motion. This technique uses successive still images to create the illusion of movement. It is a charming style of animation, and lends itself really well to a light-hearted product or service. It is also a great choice if you are looking to soften the image of your business, or glean an affectionate connection from your customer.

3 Ways to make Your TV Commercial Stand Out

Story. A strong structure is crucial to a good commercial. Every story must have a beginning, middle and an end, a problem, a solution and a resolution. Make sure you have these three elements, whatever your business.

Simplicity. It must be clear and concise. Do not waste words or imagery, every second of your commercial must count. So, don’t fill it with unnecessary imagery or information, keep it simple!

Brand. Your entire commercial should be a clear representation of your brand. As soon as it begins the viewer should know exactly who is pitching to them.

So no matter which industry your business is in, our team will be able to propose a TV commercial solution for you. You may send the brief and goals that you wish to achieve with a video and we will take it from there.

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Phoebe Lam
CMO - Admaster Inc

On behalf of AdMaster, I am writing to express our appreciation to your great work and great service. Kasra Design team did not just listen to our needs but also demonstrated the best use of your animation creativity to tell our data story.

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