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Why a Canadian Business Needs Explainer Video?

Canada is a huge hub for budding businesses. With limitless opportunities and a favourable environment for new companies, no wonder it’s home to some of the biggest companies in the world like Shopify, Scotiabank, and Enbridge etc. Not to mention some highly successful startups like Wealthsimple, Clearco, and Neo Financial.

Do you know which video of Wealthsimple is among the most-watched ones? It’s an animated explainer. The same goes for Clearco, and the list goes on. It’s simply the new norm for successful advertising.

With animation perfectly integrated into your video marketing strategy, you can be sure that your message is seen.

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“An animated explainer video is your top bet. Be it a new service, new product, or anything that needs explaining.”

How Animated Explainer Video Benefits Your Business

If you haven’t been familiar with video marketing before, let us clarify this bluntly, you were missing pretty much the most powerful advertising tool in modern marketing. Just to give you some perspective, every successful business in Canada and around the world is leveraging video marketing, specifically animated explainers.

As much as technology evolves, so do consumer habits. In such a situation, only those businesses are successful that understands and takes advantage of these changing habits. That being said, statistics show that about 72% of consumers prefer understanding a product or service through videos. Moreover, a recent research statistic released by Hubspot shows that 80% of viewers will recall your brand if they have seen a video about it in the past 30 days.

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What to Expect As a Startup And Established Business:

Due to the versatile nature of animated explainers, they are equally beneficial for startups and established businesses. As they are quite helpful in SEO, are watched and shared more than anything on the internet currently, you have a 90% chance of increasing your visibility by just putting it on your website’s landing page or simply using it as social media ads.

According to recently collected statistics by Statista, the percentage of video viewers in Canada stood at 67.2% in 2021, and the figure is most likely to rise to 69.9% by 2023. On the other hand, when an established business introduces a new service, they want to ensure that the news reaches its target audience. Plus, they understand what the company is offering compared to the vast competitors.

Where Can You Use Animated Explainers?

As a matter of fact, you can use them wherever, whenever, and for whatever you want (as far as it orients around your business). Want to train your new employees? Make an animated explainer video. Introducing a new office policy? You know how to explain it without appointing your staff for long meetings that bear little to no benefit and save time wastage.

Similarly, a new service, new product, or anything that needs explaining, an animated explainer video is your top bet. The simple fact that it provides you with limitless storytelling and explanatory approaches sets it in a league of its own. From a landing page to a company’s home page and even social media ads, there’s no place where you cannot use it.

Need an Animated Explainer Video?

As one of the world’s leading creative animation and video production companies, Kasra Design offers its clients videos that are guaranteed to reach, intrigue, and persuade their target audience to pursue their products and services.

Our excellence in the craft enabled us to provide our services to some of the biggest brands in the world, including Pepsico International, Shell, VISA, Commonwealth Bank, and many more.

Whether it’s a huge project or a simple one, our highly dedicated and experienced team gives it their 101% to garner maximum results. Being an offshore company, you will find our prices much more competitive than most Canadian animation companies, with even better results.

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Our Accolades

Since 2011, we have been fortunate enough to garner numerous awards and accolades to our name throughout our journey of excellence. Some of them are as follows:

  • Gold Award- Indigo Design Awards 2020 (Computer Animation Category)
  • Best Commercial Award- Los Angeles Animation Festival 2018
  • The Leading Asia Video Agency Award- Clutch. co
  • Best Animation Award- Independent Film Awards London 2019

Ready to level up your marketing game? Fill up the form below right now, and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to play our part in your business’s success story!

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