Terms of Use

Our team is committed to build and maintain a good business relationship with you on a long term basis.

We give our best to convey your message to the audience through our animations and designs. You can place your trust on the flexibility and personal attention you will receive throughout the whole working process. Please find the following terms as support in order to maintain our working relationship.


The Fee includes all works stated in our quote. Unless otherwise indicated, it does not include any outside supplier costs.

Changes To Brief and Revised or Additional Work

We shall supply a new quote for any changes to the brief or for revised or additional work. Any service provided by us at any time over and above those comprising our proposal or revised proposal(s) shall be subject to an additional fee. Any work or services already provided and which at your request are to be repeated or re-presented shall be subject to an additional fee, except at our sole discretion, there shall be no reduction in the amount of fees for work or services not accepted by you.

Invoicing and Payment

All creative fees are payable upon commencement of work. Cleared funds must reach our account before commencement of work. The balance of the fee will be invoiced at the end of the project, prior to the release of the final work. All prices are quoted exclusive of tax. Payment in full shall be made within seven (7) days from the date of invoice.


This project may be terminated at any time by either of the parties by giving written notice. If we terminate the project we agree to carry out all work already paid for or reimburse the fees to you for any work already paid for and not carried out. If you terminate this project upon completion of a stage, then you shall incur our fees and expenses up to the end of that stage.

If you cancel this project during a stage, then you agree to pay the full agreed fee for that stage and all expenses incurred up to cancellation, including any expenses related to unpresented work which may have already commenced. You agree to reimburse us for any already commissioned costs of third parties.

Usage of Work

Your usage of our material and/or service (“Work”) is restricted to the specific purpose described in our proposal. We will quote separately for other usage if it is intended that our Work (mainly explainer videos and video productions) will be used in any wider context than indicated in our proposal. Any creative proposals we present to you and do not proceed to develop and produce, for any reason, remain our sole property and may not be used or copied in any shape or form.


Any complaint or notification of error concerning our Work must be notified to us in writing within 7 days of receipt by you and in absence of such notice you shall be conclusively deemed to have accepted such Work. It shall be your responsibility to check and approve the content of all Work submitted to you including text, illustrations, technical drawings and artwork. We shall not be responsible for any errors therein which are not corrected by you.

Access to Artwork

You shall allow us reasonable access to photography, illustrations and original artwork produced by us and to reproduce and publicise such photography and / or original artwork together with background copy for the purpose of promoting your business.

Governing law

These Terms of Business shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Malaysia and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts.