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What is Video Production All About?

A perfect way to entice your potential clients, stakeholders and team members is through compelling videos. It is perhaps the most viable tool in a digital marketing strategy. Visuals can better influence in a few seconds and convey the message in a concise way. You can invest in video production to:

  • Introduce your products/services to your customers.
  • Offer employee training.
  • Entice your prospects to avail your products or services.
  • Engage personally with even the laziest mobile users.
  • Drive more shares on social media networks.
  • Effectively grow your business reach.

What Statistics Have to Say?

Studies say customers are 4 times more interested in watching a video about a product than reading texts. Again, videos cover two-thirds of the entire web traffic; i.e. your chances of driving traffic to your site are 75% more if you use videos.


“Videos have the power of creating strong emotional response from its viewers.”

Benefits of Video Production

Video production comes with many competitive perks besides driving traffic and getting more shares to keep your business ahead of the curve.

  1. Videos allow viewers to enjoy the essence of the message conveyed in a fun and interesting way.
  2. As Google prefers videos, a well-documented video production can enhance your ranking in the SERP.
  3. In fact, impressive audio-visuals can initiate 250% more engagement among your target audience. You can choose from a large list of styles including animation, stop motion, 3D, live action and recently, popular VR techniques.
  4. Most importantly, video production is a budget-friendly marketing strategy with better ROI.
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What are the steps in a video production?


  1. Preparing the script
  2. Character & Style Sheet (If it’s animated)
  3. Storyboard Development
  4. Casting / Location Scouting
  5. Voice Over Recording
  6. Animation / Live Action Production
  7. Post Production & Edits
  8. SFX & Music
  9. Delivery

How is a Video Production Plan Executed?

To strike the right chords, video production should be executed in calculative methods. Mainly, there are 2 steps to do so:

Strategizing Your Rough Ideas

Creating a proper strategy is the first step to execute a video production project successfully. Here, your target group is considered along with your objectives, the latest trends and tactics for achieving your goal. Content planning, video strategy, planning the campaign will also be focused on by understanding how audience reacts, finding video brand guidelines to elaborate how messages are sent out, etc.

The Production Phase

Once done with the strategizing part, next is the production phase where the video is customised according to your business requirements. This is the main stage which involves script writing, storytelling and creative designs, making storyboards and the final work.

In the end, these videos should motivate your audiences, and thereby, compel them to act positively.

Choose The Correct Type of Video for Your Business

Apart from the ones already mentioned, here are more types of videos you can create.

Social Media Videos – Short, intriguing and emotive videos that pique the viewers’ interest. These don’t necessarily be about products or services of a company.

Explainer Videos – An effective and trustworthy way to connect with potential customers through the words of happy customers.

CSR video – Corporate social responsibility videos are best for showcasing your business’ contribution towards the society.

People tend to remember 50% of the content they see and hear at the same time. So, leverage the power of videos to drive more conversion and more brand prominence.

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