Top 10 New York City Corporate Video Companies in 2024

Top 10 New York City Corporate Video Companies in 2024
"The world is brimming with forgettable corporate videos. Don't let yours become another statistic! "

Since you landed here, I believe you are looking to produce a new video for your company in 2024. With so many production teams in NYC, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one.

This guide cuts through the clutter and spotlights 10 of the best corporate video production companies in the Big Apple.

Why Corporate Video?

Imagine a company story told not through a snooze-fest brochure, but through an awesome video. That’s the magic of a corporate video. Think of corporate videos as a company’s megaphone, but with dazzling visuals, infectious energy and the power to conquer attention spans in a world overflowing with distractions. The challenge is to make it enjoyable to watch, and for that you will need a great video production agency.

Whether you need a heart-warming corporate story or a results-driven explainer video, there’s a perfect fit for you on our list:

1. Blue Chalk

Blue Chalk Media is a New York (NYC) based video production company. They are an industry leader in cinematic nonfiction storytelling. They use video and audio to tell true stories with a focus on the human experience. Since 2013, they have produced over 900 short-form videos and numerous documentaries, garnering more than 125 awards. Their work has aired on television networks including The Magnolia Network and Oregon Public Broadcasting. These guys make pretty cool stuff!

In addition to short-form videos, Blue Chalk Media offers a range of services including corporate video and television production, audio production, photojournalism and post-production. Their impressive client list includes Nike, The New Yorker, The Food Network, Morgan Stanley, Airbnb, and TED. Their won Social Impact Media Awards and the Rosey Awards.

2. Kasra Design®

Kasra Design has established itself as a global leader in video production since its inception in 2011. Their mastery of diverse formats, from corporate videos and animations to cutting-edge 3D videos, has made them a trusted partner for leading corporations.

Having an innovative approach has garnered prestigious awards like the Motion Design Awards, Indigo Design Awards, and the Los Angeles Animation Festival. Their impressive client list includes global giants like Pfizer, Pepsico, VISA, Charles River, HP, Shell, Petronas, PetroChina, and IATA.Their deep understanding of the New York market translates into impactful corporate videos that resonate with NYC audiences. They have played a key role in shaping the visual identity of numerous iconic New York City brands, solidifying their position at the forefront of the city’s creative scene.

3. Red Summit Productions

Red Summit Productions is a New York City-based video production company with over a decade of experience crafting compelling video content. They specialize in a variety of areas, including commercial ad campaigns, corporate projects, music videos, and even web series. We especially liked what they made for Gillette. Pristine quality stuff indeed.

Their team takes pride in a collaborative approach, working closely with clients throughout the entire production process. This ensures the final product aligns perfectly with the client’s vision and effectively communicates their message.

With a proven track record and a focus on collaboration, Red Summit Productions is a strong choice for businesses looking for high-quality video content.
Red Summit Productions’ experience extends to a wide range of clients. Their work includes projects for household names like Gillette and Walmart, alongside collaborations with mission-driven organizations like the American Heart Association.

4. Transcendent Enterprise

Transcendent Enterprise is a New York City-based video production company with over 18 years of experience creating high-quality videos for businesses and organizations. They specialize in corporate video production, encompassing everything from promotional content and internal communications videos to live streaming and event videography. Their website highlights their commitment to exceeding client expectations and staying up to date with the latest technology and industry trends.

They worked with prestigious institutions like NYU, Columbia University and Mount Sinai, along with renowned brands like Facebook and Amazon. This diverse clientele showcases their ability to tailor corporate video solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.

5. Melty Cone Video

Melty Cone Video is a video production company based in NYC. They specialize in crafting video content to elevate brands. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, from concept development and scriptwriting to filming, editing, and animation.  This allows them to create a variety of video solutions, including corporate videos and social media content.

Melty Cone Video prides itself on building strong relationships with its clients and exceeding expectations.  Testimonials on their website showcase their success in achieving client goals.  One client remarks, “Melty Cone Video helped us create a captivating explainer video that boosted our conversion rate significantly.”

6. Star Fish

Starfish is a New York City-based branding and communications agency led by the visionary David Kessler. They specialize in crafting exceptional brand experiences that leave a lasting impression. Starfish goes beyond simple marketing, they combine strategic thinking with creative execution to deliver a comprehensive suite of services.

Video Agency Portfolio

This includes corporate video production, brand strategy and integrated marketing campaigns that encompass various channels. Their focus lies in creating a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints to ensure consistent messaging and maximum ROI for their clients.

Examples of Starfish’s success can be found in their impressive client roster. They’ve done collaborations with well-known brands like Samsung, Guardian Life Insurance, Squarespace, Warby Parker, and Vodafone.

7. Casual Films

Casual Films, a London-based video content powerhouse, specializes in crafting high-performing videos that drive results for Fortune 500 companies. Led by Nick Francis, CEO, and Barnaby Cook, their team leverages a global network of experts to deliver top-notch video solutions.

Their core service is crafting online video content designed to grab attention and engage audiences. This includes a variety of formats, like recruitment videos, product explainers, and social media content. Casual Films takes a data-driven approach, ensuring their videos directly support client goals and deliver measurable results.

A roster of impressive collaborations includes industry leaders like Prudential, Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, Red Bull, and the NBA. These collaborations showcase Casual Films’ ability to create impactful video content that resonates with diverse audiences.

8. Froth Fur

Froth Fur is a video production company with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. They position themselves as an alternative to traditional agencies, offering premium quality video production with a focus on transparency, client access and accountability.  Their team boasts extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies and well-known brands, resulting in over 30 industry awards and recognition in major publications like the New York Times and Washington Post.

They also offer a comprehensive corporate video production service, encompassing both live-action shoots and animation. Their impressive client list includes Capital One, Mastercard, MassMutual, The College Board, and Tipalti.

9. No Frames

Founded in Brooklyn by Erin Judd and Mikko Timonen in 2005, No Frames is an award-winning, woman-owned boutique production agency specializing in crafting high-quality motion and photography content.  Their unwavering dedication to creative excellence ensures uncompromising work for agencies, brands, and record labels.

No Frames takes a collaborative approach, working closely with clients throughout the entire content creation journey, from ideation to final delivery. We loved the video they’ve produced for Boston Ballet.

This full-service agency offers a comprehensive range of services, including broadcast ads, branded films, corporate videos and photography campaigns. Their experienced team, led by Executive Producer Erin Judd and Head of Production Jeff Brown, is adept at handling all stages of the production process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for their clients.  No Frames’ impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants like Absolut, Adidas, Honda, Hennessy, Netflix, Sony, Nike, Verizon, and Yahoo!.

10. Synima

Synima is a leading global video production company with a presence in New York, London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Zurich. Yes, they cover that many countries! They specialize in crafting high-quality corporate videos and animations that help to elevate brands and tell impactful stories.

Synima Video Shoot Set

Their team of creative professionals and production experts collaborate closely to deliver video content that resonates with target audiences and sets their clients apart from the competition. Synima offers a variety of services to meet the needs of their diverse clientele, which spans across various sectors including healthcare, finance, and IT.

Some of their services include scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, animation and editing. They can help you with anything from creating internal communications videos to cinematic commercials. Synima’s impressive client list includes major corporations like Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Honeywell, and J.P. Morgan. Pretty big enterprises, right?


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