Top 3D Animation Companies to Hire in Year 2024

Top 3D Animation Companies to Hire in Year 2024
"Cream de la cream of 3D animation companies with super talented teams."

The 3D animation field is constantly buzzing with innovation. Every year, new techniques and styles emerge, pushing the boundaries from basic characters to intricate abstractions, hyper-realism and even immersive VR experiences. In 2024, we are seeing more 3D solutions coming from AI this time. Likes of Sora by OpenAi will heat up the competition in 3D animation industry even further.

The software that makes this magic happen, like Houdini, Blender and Cinema 4D, are also constantly evolving. With yearly, if not monthly, updates adding new features and functionalities. And let’s not forget the ever-growing library of plugins and scripts that appear daily.

To stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced industry, you’ll need a top-notch 3D animation company by your side.

Remember those awesome studios we shared in 2023? Buckle up, because we’ve got a new curated list bursting with the most mind-blowing 3D animation companies you can hire in 2024. Here are the superheroes of the animation world this year:

Top 3D Animation Companies in Year 2024


STUDIO AKA isn’t your average animation house. These BAFTA winning, Emmy-awarded and Oscar-nominated rebels are renowned for their unorthodox and innovative work. STUDIO AKA brings together a close-knit team of directors, designers, animators, writers, technical artists and producers. This powerhouse puts a strong emphasis on story, design, and character. They simply create unforgettable experiences that resonate with viewers. Pretty creative!

2. Kasra Design

Based in Singapore and Malaysia, this multiple award-winning company conjures up world-class 3D animations in any style you crave. Whether it’s a hyper-realistic product demo or a cartoon character extravaganza, they’ve got you covered.

They’ve produced over 1000 custom videos for a diverse range of companies and organizations worldwide, including Shell, Visa, Petronas, IATA, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Prudential, Charles River, Commonwealth Bank, PetroChina, Intel, Hong Leong Bank, Panasonic and Tokio Marine. You can send your enquires here.

3. Inertia Studios

Inertia Studios is a creative agency. They’re the ultimate blend of cutting-edge tech and artistic genius. This London-based crew uses award-winning CGI, animation, and design to craft show-stopping content for the entertainment, advertising and experiential marketing worlds.

Think mind-blowing product films, head-turning motion branding and immersive VR experiences – that’s Inertia’s playground. Their secret weapon? A permanent A-team of talented folks, backed by a global network they can tap into for any project, big or small. They’re genre chameleons, tackling everything from sleek automotive visuals to fantastical fashion campaigns.

4. Mondlicht Studios

First up, lighting the way in the animation universe is Mondlicht Studios. These American video wizards are a one-stop shop for all your production and animation needs. Imagine a massive 6,000-square-foot creative playground – that’s Mondlicht’s HQ! Their team is a dream come true, and their client list is like a Hollywood who’s who, spanning everything from blockbuster films to sleek car commercials. Talk about major league!

5. The Mill

Across the pond and ruling the VFX kingdom is the UK’s The Mill. They’re basically animation royalty, consistently slaying the competition as the #1 animation company in Europe. Their global network of VFX and animation artists have been in the game for decades, so you know your project is in the hands of legends. No wonder industry giants keep them on speed dial!

6. Not Real

Now, let’s step into the world of award-winning artistry with Not Real. This animation, art direction, and CGI powerhouse specializes in creating high-end 3D visual content. What keeps Not Real at the top of their game? Their constant drive to stay ahead of the curve. They ensure their content is fresh, exciting, and bursting with creative genius that truly connects with your vision. No wonder they’ve racked up over ten awards in just two years – and that’s just the beginning!

7. Polyester

Next stop, we have Polyester. Sure, they might not have a massive studio space, but their character animation creativity is off the charts. This Toronto-based company is driven by a team of imaginative minds who are passionate about transforming your brand story into unforgettable characters with personalities that resonate. With 18 team members fueled by a desire to “change the world with stories,” Polyester is a force to be reckoned with.

8. The Frame

Want to showcase your luxury product with an animation so gorgeous it’ll leave viewers speechless? Look no further than The Frame. These Copenhagen-based motion design masters specialize in crafting product-centric animations with an unparalleled level of detail and aesthetic. Their team ensures the final product is pure luxury, infused with your brand’s DNA and your imagination translated into every frame of the hyper-realistic animation.

9. Aggressive Studios

Need an animation studio with an “in your face” attitude? Then Aggressive Studios is your crew. Their motto, “Aggressive is an attitude,” perfectly captures their approach. They combine cutting-edge tech with serious skills and a method that guarantees jaw-dropping results. Check out their beautifully crafted 3D commercials – they’re a knockout! Their impressive client list boasts heavy hitters like Amazon, Boeing, and even the one and only Michael Jackson.

10. Man vs. Machine

Ready to meet some multi-talented masters? Then check out Man vs. Machine. These guys are another animation powerhouse specializing in 3D design and visual arts. Even though they’ve only been around for eight years, their dedication to their craft and the quality of their work is seriously impressive. They’ve snagged numerous awards and their client list features giants like Apple, Google, Pepsi, and Nike. Whether it’s a full-blown live-action video, a complex animation, or an ad that blends both, MvsM tackles it flawlessly.

11. Art&Graft

Craving animation with a sophisticated twist? Then look no further than Art&Graft. This award-winning independent animation agency, headquartered in London, is renowned for incorporating elegance into even the simplest character animations, making them visually stunning and meticulously detailed. They’re masters of both 3D and 2D animation, but with a unique style that sets them apart from the crowd. If you need to tell a story where the characters need to shine, Art&Graft is your go-to crew.

12. PlusOne

If you’re looking for an animation studio that can handle anything you throw at them, then PlusOne is your answer. This Amsterdam-based powerhouse is an award-winner in pretty much everything animation-related, especially motion graphics, where they’ve been dominating the scene with dozens of awards since 2009. Like many on this list, the PlusOne team is all about pushing boundaries and transforming good into great, and great into extraordinary. They’ve collaborated with a massive roster of high-profile clients, and they show no signs of slowing down.

13. Cokau Lab

Need a team to bring a complex topic to life with stunning visuals? Enter Cokau Lab. This

This French animation and video production company collaborates with businesses across all industries. They, like any successful animation studio, have a forward-thinking team that stays on top of trends and anticipates what’s coming next. The result? Evergreen animation that appeals to a broad audience and ages like a fine wine, only getting better with time. Their creative team’s vast experience across numerous sectors is another perk if you’re aiming for a highly marketable video.


Calling all tech lovers! If you’re searching for a powerhouse in South Korea, look no further than SOLID VFX. This commercial post-production and animation studio has been making waves since 2012, quickly becoming one of the best in the business. They’ve collaborated with numerous renowned agencies and brands, crafting stunning footage and animations for their advertisements. Their specialties include motion graphics, 3D animation, photorealistic rendering, heavy simulation-based VFX, digital

15. Aixsponza

Got a mind-bender of a concept to explain or a complex process needing clear visuals? Aixsponza is here for the rescue! With over 17 years of experience crafting motion graphics, 3D animations, and visual effects, their team is a well-oiled machine that tackles anything with perfection. If you have something intricate to explain while maintaining your brand identity at the forefront, contact Aixsponza. They understand your needs and are eager to bring your vision to life!

character animation, and graphic design – basically, they’ve got the whole package covered.

16. Revenant

Prepare to be blown away by the work of Revenant. This studio specializes in animation, motion graphics, and creating immersive VR, AR, and CG environments. They’ve partnered with major brands and boast a long list of accolades, including a BAFTA. As of 2023, Revenant is on a roll and shows no signs of slowing down, so keep an eye on these rising stars!

17. Dobro CCs

Looking for an animation studio that focuses on meaning and transparency throughout the project? Then Dobro CCs might be your perfect match. Their team prioritizes completing your project using the industry’s top standards and technologies. They ensure the visuals flawlessly capture the message of the video and truly embody your brand’s essence. For Dobro CCs, it’s all about creating something impactful, and that dedication is why they made our list.

18. XK Studio

Ever heard of a studio that’s worked with practically half the world’s famous brands? That’s XK Studio for you! This London-based animation company specializes in crafting high-end 3D visuals. They’re renowned for creating stunning visuals with a futuristic twist incorporated into every animation, regardless of industry norms. We particularly love their 3D animations for Microsoft. They are stunning!

19. Feral Child

3D explainers are the lifeblood of many marketing campaigns these days. They’re short, engaging, and can convey a ton of information in a flash. But to make them truly effective, you need a studio that understands the art of the explainer. That’s where the independent studio Feral Child comes in. Specializing in cel animation, 2D, and 3D animation, they’ve mastered the art of the explainer, crafting some of the best in the current marketing game. We love all of their works!

20. No Ghost

Want to integrate immersive elements into your brand marketing? Then look no further than No Ghost. This London-based AR and VR animation studio, run by independent creators, utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver unforgettable immersive experiences for your audience. If you’re interested in incorporating a whole new dimension to your marketing, No Ghost is the studio to choose – they do it like no other.

21. Something Awry

Something Awry perfectly embodies its name. This group of talented animators and writers isn’t afraid to break the mold. They incorporate humor into their cutting-edge animations, keeping their work lighthearted, quirky, entertaining, and informative all at once. Their unique style has garnered them numerous awards in the animation industry, and they’ve even partnered with giants like Warner Bros and Disney. While we can’t guarantee the exact results you’ll achieve with their work representing your brand, one thing’s for sure – you’ll stand out from the crowd in a sea of sameness!

Final Cut

So, there you have it! This list is bursting with the hottest 3D animation studios in 2024, each offering unique styles and areas of expertise. With so much talent to choose from, you can definitely find the right team for your project here. Also, if you think there is an awesome 3D animation company that we missed, feel free to let us know.

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