Top 3D Animation Companies to Hire in Year 2023

Top 3D Animation Companies to Hire in Year 2023
"If you are looking for a list of awesome 3D animation companies, your search shall end here!"

One thing we can’t deny is that 3D animation is evolving, and it’s evolving fast! Each year, new trend is coming up, transitioning from simple characters to complex abstractions, hyper realism, and immersive graphics like VR.

The software enabling these revolutions such as Houdini and Cinema 4D are also upgrading their features on a yearly (if not monthly) basis. Not to mention the ever increasing list of plugins and scripts popping up every day.

To make sure your business or company don’t stay behind in this breakneck race, you will need a remarkable animation company.

We made a list of top 3D animation companies last year in 2022. Now, we are back again with a freshly curated and more comprehensive list of top 3d animation companies to hire in 2023:

Mondlicht Studios

Mondlicht Studios is an American video production, animation, and creative studio that manages high-end video projects and event organization.

Apart from having a highly competent and experienced team, the company has a 6000 square feet open studio space, 4,000 square feet of gallery space, and a 1500 square feet production office.

The company has a clientele in every industry, from Hollywood to automobile, footwear, architecture, to anything in between.

The Mill

Hailed as the #1 post-production company in the UK and Europe, The Mill is a British VFX production company and creative studio operating in Europe and America.

The company has a highly skilled global network of VFX artists and creative technologists with decades of experience in animation and marketing.

With The Mill handling your animation or video production project, the final outcome is guaranteed to exceed your expectations in every aspect.

No wonder they’re the top choice among industry giants.


“Aggressive is an attitude.” This is the motto of Aggressive Studios, and they make sure to reflect this in every aspect of their videos.

The company completes each project to sheer excellence with immense skill, the latest technologies, and a technique that works every time! The beautifully designed and animated 3D commercial below is a testament of that.

Some notable clientele of the Aggressive includes Amazon, Boeing, Intel, Honda, and, well, Michael Jackson himself!

Kasra Design

Based in Singapore & Malaysia, the team is capable of making world class 3d animations in different styles. Be it hyper realistic product demo or cartoonish character based animation, you will be in good hands. You can enquire about Kasra Design’s animation production service here:


While Polyester is smaller of a name than our previous mentions and certainly don’t have a five thousand square-foot studio, the creativity it brings to character animation is top-notch.

Polyester is primarily a character animation company driven by the imaginative genius of curious minds who likes to turn your brand story into beautiful characters with relatable personalities.

The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with 18 team members, all driven by one motive – to change the world with stories.


Do you want to show off your luxury product to the world with an aesthetic that will leave the viewers in awe? Say no more! The Frame is here to take care of it.

It’s a Copenhagen-based motion design studio specializing in creating product-centric animations with detail and aesthetics that are hardly matched by anyone in the industry.

The team will ensure that the final product is of premium quality, with the product’s DNA infused and your imagination translated into every frame of the hyper-realistic animation.

Not Real

Not Real is an award-winning art direction, animation, and CGI company specializing in creating high-end 3D visual content.

What makes Not Real stay at the top of its game is its constant drive to stay current with the latest developments in the animation industry.

They always ensure that their content is fresh, exciting, and pleasing, mingled with creative genius that truly resonate and translate your imagination. This is one of the reasons why the company has racked up more than ten awards in the past two years alone and still counting.

Man vs. Machine

Man vs. Machine is another multidimensional animation company specializing in 3D design and visual arts. Although the company is only 8 years old, its dedication to the craft and quality of the product is genuinely commendable.

The company has won numerous awards, with a clientele consisting of giants like Apple, Google, Pepsi, and Nike. Whether it’s a full-fledged live-action video project, a complex animation, or an ad that includes both aspects, MvsM will do it flawlessly.


PlusOne is an award-winning animation studio headquartered in Amsterdam. While PlusOne specializes in almost everything related to animation, its forte is motion graphics, an area where it has won dozens of awards since 2009.

Like many names on the list, the PlusOne team is extremely detail-driven, always looking to turn something bad into good and good into extraordinary. The company has worked with multiple high-profile clients to date. It continues its dominant position in the creative space this year as well.


Another name that makes it to our top list is Art&Graft – an award-winning independent animation Agency headquartered in London.

The team is known for incorporating sophistication in simple character animation, making it visually attractive and highly detailed.

The company specializes in 3D and 2D, but with a unique style that sets it apart from their peers. If you have to tell a story in which you want the characters to shine, Art&Graft is a trustworthy name for the job.

Cokau Lab

Cokau Lab is a French animation and video production company.  They collaborate with companies and agencies across all industries.

Like any successful animation firm, the company has a forward-thinking team that keeps up with current trends and keeps an eye on what’s coming.

The result is an evergreen piece of animation that appeals to every audience, and ages like a fine wine that only gets better with time.

The vast experience of the creative team across numerous industries is just another plus if you are into making a highly marketable video.


Do you have a complex topic to explain or an elaborate process requiring visuals for comprehension? Bring it on! Aixsponza is there to take care of it.

With more than 17 years of experience in creating motion graphics, 3D animations, and visual effects, the company has a team that knows everything and does it all to perfection.

If you have something complex to explain but also hold your brand identity above anything else, contact Aixsponza. They know what you need and are eager to help you achieve it!


SOLID is a South Korean commercial post-production and animation company. It has been in the business since 2012 and has emerged as one of the best in just a few years.

The company has worked with numerous well-known agencies and brands and helped them produce stunning footage and animations for their ads.

It specializes in motion graphics, 3D animation, photorealistic rendering, heavy simulation-based VFX, digital character animation, and graphic design.


If you think the name is unique, hold on until you see the work of Revenant it’s simply beautiful. The studio specializes in animation and motion graphics, as well as creating immersive VR, AR, and CG environments.

The company has worked with many major brands up until now and has a long list of accolades to its name, including a BAFTA.

As of 2023, Revenant is going super strong and is projected to grow bigger if the team maintains its high standards.

Dobro CCs

Dobro CCs keeps three principles in focus as it works on a project- meaning, flexibility, and transparency.

The team aims to complete your project to the industry’s highest standards and technologies. They ensure that the visuals fully resonate with the message of the video and what your brand actually stands for.

For Dobro CCs, it’s all about creating something meaningful, and for that, the studio has made it to our list.

XK Studio

Apple, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, Nike, Adidas, you name it! XK Studio has worked with almost more than half of world-famous brands throughout its years of operation.

XK Studio is a London-based animation company specializing in creating high-end 3D visuals.

The company is known for creating stunning visuals, with a blend of futuristic aspects reflected in each of its animations. And it is regardless of the industry’s norms.

Feral Child

Explainers are the soul of almost every marketing campaign these days. They’re short, entertaining, and can communicate tons of information in just a few seconds or minutes. However, to make them the way they’re meant to be, they need to be made by someone who knows their ins and outs.

Feral Child can be that someone for you. Specializing in cel, 2D, and 3D animation, the independent studio has mastered the art of explainers. Over the years it has made some of the best explainers in the current-day marketing industry.

The team brings your brand to life through imaginative storytelling, with visuals bound to inspire.

No Ghost

No Ghost is a London-based AR and VR animation studio run by independent creators. The company uses new and cutting-edge technologies to provide the audience an immersive experience they’ll always remember.

No Ghost is a choice if you are interested in integrating immersive aspects into your brand marketing. The company does it like no one else.

Something Awry

Something Awry is perfectly described by its name. It’s a group of talented animators and writers who make things out of the conventional norms. And incorporating humor in cutting-edge animations. The studio keeps each work light, quirky, entertaining, and informative.

Due to its unique style, Something Awry has received numerous awards in the animation space. It has partnered on projects with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Warner Bros and Disney.

Although we cannot say how much you will achieve as a brand with their works representing you, you will stand out of the crowd, 100%!

Filmic Art

Advertisements, game trailers, movie VFX, they have done it all and mastered it all over the course of 16 years. They do it great and do it fast.

Founded in 2007, Filmic Art is a Swedish production company and animation studio providing advanced 3D animation, 2D animation, and visual effects.

With all the production and post-production done under one roof, the team provides a complete package. It surely has the capacity to impress your target audience.

Oh! And we, too, are good at 3D animation!

Now that you have the list, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Kasra Design™, an award-winning group of highly experienced and talented animators, scriptwriters, and designers, providing 3D animation services for more than a decade.

While going international is great, brand localization is indispensable to powerful marketing. And that’s why we support multiple languages. No matter who your audience is, where it is, and what language it speaks, we ensure that you communicate in the most effective way.

For us, it’s all about taking things to the next level! Get in touch now to find out more!

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