16 Awesome Crypto Blockchain Animated Videos

15 Awesome Crypto Blockchain Animated Videos
"To create worlds, you have to close your eyes and imagine. Animation allows you to share these worlds with others." - Hayao Miyazaki

I guess you must be here because you are looking to get inspirated for your next crypto / blockchain animated video project in 2024. Well, if that’s the case, you arrived at the right place. We researched the internet (for days) and gathered a list of super awesome animated videos made for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies around the world. Top 16 examples that can inspire the hell out of you.

Why Animated Video for a Crypto Product?

Animation is a medium with absolutely no restriction or boundaries. You can create things beyond your wildest imagination. And since cryptocurrency or blockchain products are harder to explain using text or live-action videos, animation comes super handy.

Costing is usually a plus point with animation too. If you have ever done a live-action shoot in the past, you would know the costs can climb up pretty fast and redoing scenes will requite extra days and extra everything which adds to the cost. So yeah, animation makes total sense!

1. SafePal

SafePal’s brand film takes viewers on a trip through a sweet digital world, full of chances to win big. Veronica Wong, a tech wiz, started SafePal in 2018 with her co-founders. They all wanted to make it easier for people to manage their crypto safely. What began as a hardware wallet has grown into a whole toolkit for crypto.

It’s great for tech buffs and newbies alike.  In just a few years, they’ve gotten backing from big names like Binance and gone from a small (but determined) startup to a global company helping millions discover the freedom and power of crypto. And that’s just the beginning!

2. Nansen

Kasra Design whipped up a quick and clear video explaining Nansen’s killer crypto toolbox. Nansen helps you see what’s happening on the blockchain by giving meaning to tons of data. Crypto folks use Nansen to find hot opportunities, check things out before investing (do their due diligence), and keep an eye on their crypto holdings with live dashboards and alerts. They even named the platform after a super cool explorer dude named Fridtjof Nansen!


This trippy 3D animation, all about Injective, uses dazzling colors and a dreamy vibe to grab your attention. Injective’s basically a special blockchain built just for finance. Their goal? To make the whole financial system way more open and accessible for everyone, by cutting out the middleman (decentralization).

They’ve got the fastest blockchain in the finance game, plus these super easy-to-use building blocks (Web3 modules) that let developers create all sorts of cool financial apps. These apps can work together seamlessly (interoperable), handle a ton of users (scalable), and stay in control of the users themselves (decentralized). Injective’s on a mission to fix a broken system, and this is just the first step!

4. Premia

This 3D animation goes dark and edgy, with tons of visual effects and crystals – perfect for those in the know. Premia isn’t your average crypto trading platform (#cryptomuch). It’s a decentralized options platform, basically a marketplace for crypto options contracts. Here, traders can buy and sell these contracts with custom settings and expiry dates for different cryptocurrencies.  They can even put their crypto to work in pools and vaults to earn some sweet returns.  Premia’s all about giving traders more control and flexibility over their crypto options game.

5. Solana

This explainer video blends stunning motion graphics and mind-bending CGI to showcase Solana, the high-performance blockchain platform built with proof-of-stake consensus. Feeling stuck in crypto gridlock? Tired of waiting ages for transactions and paying hefty fees? Solana aims to solve those problems.

Launched in 2020 by Solana Labs, this innovative platform boasts lightning-fast transaction speeds and ultra-low fees.  Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, fuels the ecosystem and allows users to interact with smart contracts deployed on the network

6. Spintop // Launch Movie

Spintop’s all about web3 gaming, and they’re here to be your one-stop shop! They’ve got a ton of games to choose from, all in one place. Plus, they make it super safe to trade your in-game stuff. Spintop even helps game creators get started with crowdfunding through their awesome community and their own special currency, SPIN.

This 2D hand-drawn explainer video in a 3D environment, shows off all the features: finding games, trading safely and even jumping into some RPG action with a sweet matrix-style weapon selection.

7. Sonar

Illo Animation Studio teamed up with Sonar to create a super cool 4-part video series on all things crypto. Designed to break down the crypto world for everyone, not just techies, each episode is a quick 30-second burst that tackles a different crypto topic, like wallets, stablecoins, or staking.

They made these complex ideas easy to swallow, like little info pills! The visuals are awesome too – they used bright, fun colors that fit the crypto vibe, along with simple shapes to explain things clearly. They even threw in some gradients and a bit of texture to make this digital world feel more real.  Basically, it’s a fun and informative way to learn about crypto, no matter your level.

8. DevvX

DevvX is all about speed. They’re building a brand new blockchain system that’s blazing fast – the fastest out there, actually!

This killer 3D motion graphics video explains exactly how they do it. It’s a three-minute journey that starts with the problems of current blockchain tech and shows how DevvX swoops in to save the day with their super-speedy solution. The animation style is super cool too, with a special technique that brings the whole world of tokens and data flying around the blockchain to life.

9. Minima: Manifesto

Minima didn’t want a typical web3 explainer video. Their tech is complex, but their mission is simple: give people the power back with blockchain. So, the Ordinary Folks crew ditched the usual and went for a hand-painted (cel animation), character-driven approach to add a warm, human touch.

Minima’s more than just another blockchain, it’s a bridge between real-world problems and the solutions web3 offers. It’s a massive community of over 50,000 developers and users working together to solve real-world issues, all while keeping things secure and decentralized. No compromise!

10. ONO

This stunning 2.5D animation dives into how ONO works. It’s like a beautiful, multi-layered world that explains all the cool benefits users get and how the system keeps your info super private.  ONO is a crypto built on the super-fast Solana blockchain. While it’s still in beta testing, miners and validators are earning BONO tokens (think of them as beta testers’ rewards).

Once ONO launches its official token and brings in users, you’ll be able to swap those BONOs for the real deal. But before that happens, they’re doing a full system audit to make sure everything is shipshape.

11. Great Apes Club

This 3D animation goes hyper-realistic to show off the “Great Ape Social Club” NFT project. It’s like stepping into a lush jungle filled with the most incredible ape avatars you’ve ever seen!

The video even highlights their one-of-a-kind virtual traits store.  These Great Apes aren’t just digital – they’re changing the fashion game in the real world too.  Big thanks to Taras Zaika for bringing this wild concept to life!

12. Babylon Finance

This eye-catching isometric animation takes you on a trip through Babylon Finance, a hot new DeFi startup. The video features a real interview with one of Babylon’s investors who drops a poetic explanation of their “garden” concept. Basically, it’s a community effort where everyone works together to grow their investments – pretty cool, right?

The animation brings this garden idea to life in a stunning, ever-changing digital landscape. Big thanks to Margarita Cubino, Bruno Persico, and Ahre Studio for making this magic happen!

13. CryptoSensei

This 3D animation takes you on a wild ride into the world of CryptoSensei, your exclusive crypto trading academy. It’s got a Samurai theme and a super unique art style that’ll grab your attention.

CryptoSensei isn’t your average crypto course; it’s like having your own crypto sensei guiding you on your path to mastering the game!


Mellow Studio went wild with this project! They took a break from their usual style and played around with trippy gradients and shapes that move in perfect sync with the music. It’s a completely visual story, no characters needed, which is what makes motion design so cool – simple graphics with a big impact.

This wild animation promotes blockchain identity solutions, which are basically like having a super secure digital vault for all your important ID stuff. The blockchain technology makes it easy to prove who you are anywhere, anytime, without all the hassle. No more running around collecting paperwork!

15. Paxos

An abstract 3D animation perfectly art directed by Never Sit Still studio.

Forget complex financial plumbing! Paxos uses blockchain technology to build a smooth and secure infrastructure for businesses. This lets them develop innovative financial products that will revolutionize the markets of tomorrow.

16. TON Blockchain

This vibrant 2D animation kicks off a series of videos all about the TON ecosystem, and it’s all thanks to the Mutant Toadz NFT project!

It’s a decentralized and open internet built by the community, powered by technology from Telegram. Toncoin is the official crypto for TON, used for everything from running the network to buying games and collectibles built on it.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above list saves you a ton of time and headaches searching the internet for the top crypto and blockchain technology animations. As you noticed, we curated a diverse list consisting of different animations styles such as hand-drawn to 3D. If you liked this list, do check our blog for other similar articles. We publish tons of lists related to animation and video production industry and for any style available on the planet.

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