Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios in 2024

Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios in 2024
"There are three responses to a piece of design—‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘Wow.’ ‘Wow’ is the one to aim for." - Milton Glaser

Since our last article about top 10 motion design studios in 2013, the digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving and so is the realm of motion graphics. In 2024, we’re seeing an impressive range of studios pushing the limits in this dynamic field.

Before we delve into the top studios for this year, let’s first revisit and explore the nuances that set motion graphics apart from animation and understand how these two creative fields overlap and differ.

Understanding Motion Graphics vs. Animation

The lines between motion graphics and animation are often blurred, yet they serve distinct purposes. Motion graphics focus on animating graphical elements, predominantly for commercial applications such as advertising, product demonstrations, presentations, and title sequences.

Understanding Motion Graphics vs. Animation

These creations are characterized by their clean, minimalistic style, emphasizing movement and transformation of text, shapes, and icons to convey messages or ideas. Typically, motion graphic designers come from backgrounds in graphic design, visual communication, and digital media, bringing a unique blend of skills to the table.

Animation’s primary domain is storytelling, as seen in movies, TV shows, and video games, focusing on character development, environments, and narrative arcs.

Actually, lots of different types of animation fit into the term “motion graphics” because, well, they’re graphics that move. But when people in the industry talk about ‘motion graphics’, they’re usually referring to those quick and impactful projects that pack in a lot of branding, typography, and complex 2D and 3D elements. It’s like using simpler ingredients to create something complex and mesmerizing.

A scene from motion design

Selecting the Top Studios

Our list of top studios for 2024 was meticulously curated based on several criteria:

Portfolio Quality: We assessed the studios’ portfolios for high-quality, diverse, and innovative motion graphics projects.

Industry Recognition: Awards and recognitions were considered as indicators of a studio’s expertise and success in the motion graphics field.

Creative Talent: We looked into the experience and skills of the studios’ creative teams, including motion graphic designers, animators, and other professionals.

Technical Expertise: The studios’ proficiency in the latest motion graphics software, tools, and techniques was a key factor.

Top 10 Motion Design Studios in 2024

1) Found

Found is a motion graphics studio famous for its exceptional visual storytelling that caters to the elite of global brands. Their work, characterized by an obsession with the new and the sensorial, redefines the norms of visual communication. Found stands out for its ability to fuse research-based thinking with a polished aesthetic to create 3D content that’s not just visually striking but also rich in impact and innovation. This blend of art and intellect, which they term “intelligent beauty” results in creations that captivate and engage audiences worldwide.

Found excels in hyper-realistic animation and VFX, crafting visuals that seamlessly merge reality with digital artistry. With a client roster boasting names like Apple, BBC, and Nike, Found’s work speaks of their dedication to quality, innovation, and responsibility in the realm of motion graphics.

2) Ditroit

Ditroit excels in the realm of 3D motion graphics, creating visual content that vividly narrates the stories of brands, products, and ideas. Their expertise in crafting motion graphics is evident in their ability to produce images and animations that are perfectly suited to specific contexts, often adhering to precise guidelines. Yet, they are always pushing boundaries to infuse new perspectives into their work, skillfully merging a multitude of creative visions into cohesive and impactful motion graphics.

Their process is deeply rooted in a continuous search for purity, simplicity, and an abstract sense of realism within the 3D motion graphics space. Intentionally, their designs are stripped down to the most essential elements, exuding a polished and refined aesthetic. Ditroit firmly believes that the bold step of allocating the necessary time and resources to explore and enhance their creative and technical capacities in 3D motion graphics is fundamental to reinforcing their self-assurance and fostering trust with their clients.

3) Superdesigners

Superdesigners, founded by Ilya Perevedentsev and Valeriy Lunchuk in 2017, rapidly evolved from a creative duo into a studio renowned for computer graphics, visual concepts, art, and graphic design. They are committed to producing culturally impactful content and design solutions for various businesses.

Their approach focuses on delivering expert knowledge for each project, guided by a philosophy of exploration, independence, and meticulous attention to detail. With Ilya and Valeriy at the helm, Superdesigners has worked with prestigious clients like Mont Blanc and Valentino, exemplifying their capability in high-end creative production.

4) Believe

Believe stands as a pioneering force in digital storytelling, collaborating with top-tier agencies, renowned brands, and major corporations globally. They excel in weaving compelling visual tales, with a special focus on both 2D and 3D motion design. Their portfolio showcases their prowess in directing and creating exquisitely produced commercials, captivating game cinematics, and a wide range of integrated media.

Their work has garnered acclaim, receiving prestigious accolades such as Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, and El Ojo de Iberoamérica. This acclaim has positioned Believe among the top 10 production powerhouses in LATAM and as the leading production company in their home country.

Operating from Santiago, their location aligns closely with the New York time zone, enabling seamless and efficient collaboration with their clients in the United States.


Feral Child, nestled in East London, is a vibrant design and motion graphics studio established in 2018 by a group of artists. At its helm are motion graphics directors Nella Addy and Rogan VD Berg, who infuse their passion for rich, narrative-driven storytelling into every project. The studio’s signature is its highly creative motion graphics, crafted with a playful and enthusiastic spirit.

Notably proficient in frame-by-frame animation, Feral Child brings a unique flair to their motion graphics, enhancing the storytelling experience. They have collaborated with leading brands such as BBC, LUSH, and Belvita, showcasing their versatility and creative prowess on a variety of projects.

6) Coat of Arms

Known as the creative mavericks, Coat of Arms breathes new life into films and branding with their mastery of visual media. The studio is particularly adept in the art of 2.5D animation, adding a unique dimension to their work. The term ‘coat of arms’, rooted in medieval heraldry, refers to designs on shields, armor, or garments, used historically to distinguish friend from foe. These symbols are often seen by historians and museum curators as the forerunners of modern corporate logos, serving as identifiers for groups.

Established in 2010 by Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque, Coat of Arms is renowned for its bespoke filmmaking and exceptional 2.5D animation services. The studio takes great pride in nurturing robust relationships with its clients, creating a space where cooperative synergy and reciprocal respect flourish.

7) Mellow Studio

Located in Athens, Greece, Mellow Studio is a compact yet fervent group of professionals, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience in video and audio production. Their expertise lies in a range of services including Motion Graphics, 2D/3D Animation, Sound Design, and crafting Original Music Composition.

Since its inception in 2018, Mellow Studio has made its mark by delivering high-quality projects for both prominent clients in Greece and on the international stage, while also dedicating efforts to assist smaller brands and start-ups in elevating their presence. They approach every project, big or small, as a distinct universe, immersing themselves fully in the process. The Mellow Studio team is driven by a passion for storytelling, bringing narratives to life through animation and enriching them with dynamic soundscapes.

8) Morning Giants

Morning Giants, based in Hong Kong, draws inspiration from early morning creativity. Founders Man and Yiko, the ‘Giants’ of the studio, aim high with giant-sized aspirations. They believe in boundless creativity where even simple thoughts and imaginations are brought to life.

The studio focuses on various animation styles including realistic 3D motion graphics. They excel in creating promotional videos, TV commercials, festival content, and brand identities. Despite their small size, the team at Morning Giants passionately meets the diverse needs of their clients. They are committed to producing exceptional work, nurturing their inner ‘little giant’ with pride.

9) Bullpen

Bullpen, a standalone creative powerhouse, excels in producing engaging content through a unique blend of design and animation. Their specialty is the innovative combination of cel animation and 3D techniques, creating a distinctive visual style. They are adept at bringing ideas to life for both large and small screens, with a meticulous attention to every aspect of their projects. Their approach is marked by intense enthusiasm and deep technical expertise.

Their portfolio boasts collaborations with illustrious names like Twitter, Cartoon Network, General Electric, and Hewlett Packard, demonstrating their versatility and capacity to meet the needs of varied industries and prominent corporations.

10) Scholar

Encircled by a team of celebrated, diverse creators, Scholar thrives on inquisitiveness and a passion for connecting with audiences emotionally.

Operating from their bases in Los Angeles and New York, this full-service studio masterfully combines traditional artistry with cutting-edge methods, specializing in mixed media projects that seamlessly blend hand-drawn animations with 3D elements.

Their commitment lies in crafting bold and intelligent content, continually challenging the ordinary and always progressing with an emphasis on meaningful content, enhanced by aesthetic appeal.

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