Top 10 Motion Design Studios in 2023

Top 10 Motion Design Studios in 2023
"The job of the designer is to make things understandable, usable, accessible, enjoyable… important to a public, that involves the public." - Paula Scher

Lots of folks have been asking us about the contrast between these two. So I reckon it’s a good idea to figure out what sets them apart (and what they have in common) before we jump into the list of the best motion design studios:

What is The Difference Between Animation & Motion Design?

Motion graphics and animation are closely related disciplines within the animation field but they have distinct characteristics and serve different purposes. Motion graphics are primarily used for commercial and promotional purposes, such as advertisements, product launch and demos, presentations and title sequences.

The focus is on the movement and transformation of graphic elements like text, shapes, and icons to communicate a message or idea. These designs tend to be simple, clean and minimalistic with smooth transitions and shorter durations compared to traditional animation projects. Designers working in motion graphics typically have strong backgrounds in graphic design, visual communication and digital media.

motion design for product launch

On the other hand, animation involves the broader process of creating the illusion of movement through a sequence of images or frames. It encompasses various styles such as 2D (hand-drawn or computer-generated), 3D (CGI), and stop-motion. Animation is primarily used for storytelling, as seen in movies, TV shows, and video games, with a focus on developing characters, environments, and narrative arcs. Projects can range from short, simple animations to long, complex ones. Animators usually have backgrounds in illustration, character design and traditional animation techniques.

While both motion graphics and animation involve creating movement, motion graphics are geared towards conveying messages or ideas in commercial contexts, while animation focuses on storytelling, character development, and entertainment.

How We Picked These Studios

When preparing this list, we used several key criteria to consider the best studios:

Portfolio: When examining a studio’s portfolio, we looked for high-quality, diverse, and innovative motion graphics projects.

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Awards and Recognitions: We took note of any industry awards, recognitions or nominations a studio had garnered. Because they could be indicative of their expertise and success in the motion graphics field.

Creative Team: In our research, we delved into the studio’s creative team. To ensure they had experienced in-house motion graphic designers, animators, and other relevant professionals on board.

Technical Capabilities: We verified that the studio was proficient in using the latest software, tools, and techniques in motion graphics.

Top 10 Motion Design Studios in 2023

1) Ditroit

Ditroit designs visual content that narrates brands, products, or ideas. They are responsible for manufacturing pictures and motion content that fit specific contexts and often follow clear-cut guidelines. However, they continually challenge themselves to capture new perspectives by transforming the multiplicity of their creative visions into one.

Their process is marked by endless research for purity, simplicity, and the realism of abstraction. By choice, their designs only feature the most polished essentials, nothing more, and nothing less. They firmly believe that, regardless of the audacity it takes, making room and time necessary to explore and expand their creative and technical space is key to elevating their self-confidence while instilling trust in their clients.

2) Believe

Believe is a new generation of digital storytellers that partners with the world’s leading agencies, brands, and corporations. They bring powerful visual narratives to life through design and storytelling, specializing in both 2D and 3D motion design. Their expertise includes directing and producing beautifully crafted commercials, game cinematics, and integrated media.

Their projects have been recognized by prestigious awards such as Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, and El Ojo de Iberoamérica. Additionally, Believe has been ranked as one of the top 10 production companies in LATAM and the best production company in their country.

Based in Santiago, they typically share the same time zone as New York, which makes collaborations with their US clients highly efficient.

3) Coat of Arms 

The cowboys of creative, Coat of Arms, redefine films and brands through the art of visual media. A coat of arms is a heraldic design found on shields, armor, or clothing, originating from the Middle Ages when symbols on armor identified allies from enemies. Historians and museums consider coats of arms as precursors to corporate logos, used for group identity.

Founded in 2010 by Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque, this creative studio specializes in original filmmaking services. They take pride in the strong relationships they build with their clients, fostering an environment where collaboration and mutual appreciation thrive.

4) Mellow Studio

Mellow Studio, based in Athens, Greece, is a small yet passionate team of professionals possessing extensive expertise and varied experience in video and audio production. They specialize in Motion Graphics, 2D/3D Animation, Sound Design, and Original Music Composition, among other services.

Since 2018, Mellow Studio has successfully delivered projects for large clients both in Greece and internationally while also working closely with smaller brands and start-ups to promote their work. Each project they undertake, no matter its size, is seen as a unique world to immerse themselves in. The team at Mellow Studio is passionate about crafting stories, animating them, and infusing them with vibrant sound.

5) Bullpen   

Bullpen, an independent creative studio, excels at producing engaging content through design and animation. They specialize in bringing ideas to life for screens both big and small. Recognizing the importance of every aspect of each job, they approach their work with focused passion and technical expertise.

They have worked with prestigious clients such as Twitter, Cartoon Network, General Electric, and Hewlett Packard, showcasing their ability to cater to diverse industries and high-profile businesses.


Feral Child is a design and animation company located in East London. The studio was founded by artists in 2018 and is headed by animation directors Nella Addy and Rogan VD Berg. Their love for characterful, narrative storytelling is evident in all aspects of their work. The team is known for producing exceptionally creative animated films and they approach their work with a fun-loving attitude.

Feral Child has worked with top brands like BBC, LUSH, and Belvita on various projects.

7) Morning Giants 

Morning Giants is a Hong Kong-based creative studio. They take inspiration from the early morning moments when their mind is at its best state for creativity. The founders, Man and Yiko, are the “Giants” referred to in the name of the studio, with aspirations as huge and robust as a giant. They believe that creativity should be beyond boundaries and that even the purest thoughts and bare imagination can be realized.

The studio’s focus is on creating various styles of animation, including promotional videos, TV commercials, festivals, and brand identities. They maintain great flexibility to meet the demands of their diverse clientele.  Despite their relatively small size, the team at Morning Giants is passionate about producing exceptional work. And nurturing the “little giant” inside them with their heads held high.

8) Scholar 

Surrounded by a diverse team of award-winning creators, Scholar is driven by curiosity and a desire to engage viewers on an emotional level.

With offices in Los Angeles and New York, they are a full-service studio that blends artistry with emerging techniques to create brave and intelligent content. They constantly strive to reimagine the norm, always moving forward with a focus on substance, supported by style.

9)  BOL 

BOL is a motion design and illustration production house with international directors and illustrators who develop short-form content for all screens and media. They cover a broad range of narratives, styles, and techniques.

The team is highly experienced in creative, production, and technical aspects, producing commissioned and original content in various forms. From cel animation to CGI, regardless of specifications.

10) Panoply 

Panoply is a London-based creative studio that specializes in crafting engaging experiences through collaborative dialogue, visionary thinking and consistent creative integrity.

They combine their expertise in creative thinking, design-led outcomes and high-end production to develop compelling work that sets them apart. Interestingly, Panoply crafts experiences for advertising, broadcast, digital, and print.

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