3D Product Videos: A Curated Collection of Creative Genius

3D Product Videos Collection of Creative Genius
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

The level of competition across industries is increasingly high and it’s getting harder to put your brand out in the market. As a result, 3D product animation and visualisation has emerged as a powerful weapon. These days, marketing teams are choosing to utilise this over traditional advertising methods as it gives off a premium and high-quality impression. Plus, it allows customers to see a more detailed and realistic version of the product. This approach has proven to have a stronger and long-lasting impact on audiences.

3D product video scene - Jewelry - Made by Studio Tendril

(by Tendril Studio)

What Are 3D Product Videos?

3D product videos offer a virtual means of showcasing your product with an accurate and detailed 3D representation that closely resembles the actual product. Imagine shopping online and all the images you see are in 3D. It’s almost like you’re in the store! This process involves using digital cameras within specific software, much like the way it is done with real cameras.

How Do They Differ From Traditional Product Videos?

Compared to traditional filming with physical cameras, these 3D videos provide a much more flexible (and customizable) approach to product visualisation. It can be considered a virtual commercial where everything is digital, including the lighting, which can be easily adjusted to different conditions, colours, and positions with a few clicks.

The level of flexibility offered by 3D product visualisation enables you to art direct the scene and create a wide range of different concepts in a short amount of time. What’s more is that you don’t need to hire an entire production crew, rent equipment, book filming locations or hire talent. That’s going to save you quite a bit of money.

Examples Of Successful 3D Product Videos

There are a ton of amazing product video examples (in 3D) out there, but let’s get into a few of our favourites.

1) Pepsi Music – Tasty

Whether you’re a Coke fan or Pepsi fan, you can’t deny watching this product video by Pepsi will leave you craving for their drink. To showcase their zero sugar Pepsi as a good alternative to their regular Pepsi, the brand needed a way to demonstrate its appeal. Additionally, they wanted to create music based on the sounds of opening and drinking a Pepsi.

Using animation, Pepsi created the illusion of their product behaving in unusual ways, such as cans distorting and spheres of liquid floating. These animations were combined with music to give the animation and soft drink a distinct personality.

Pepsi wants people to know that this drink also behaves the same way in real life. So, the animation studio integrated animation and live action filming. The result is an eye-catching and enjoyable video that successfully creates a tangible connection between Pepsi and music.

2) Shell Rimula

This 3D product video created by Shell, a world-renowned oil and gas company, aimed to introduce and promote their Romulo range of engine oils. Through the ad, you’ll be able to see the performance and durability of the engine in a visually stunning way.

It also demonstrates the benefits of the Rimula range, such as reduced engine wear and improved fuel efficiency, in a way everyone can understand. You don’t normally get to get up close and personal with the insides of a car engine. But with the 3D animation technology we have today, it’s possible. This is just one example of how 3D product animation is able to communicate complex technical information to consumers effectively.

3) Canon Printers

Canon is no stranger to anyone. Most people know them for their cameras but do you know they also do office appliances such as printers too? In this ad, Canon uses 3D animation (and 2D) to tell a simple yet powerful story to showcase and explain what their product does. It’s definitely a compelling video able to keep viewers engaged and the stunning visuals shown leaves a lasting impression, ensuring a higher recall value.

4) Shopify Chip Reader

Shopify is an ecommerce platform primarily known for its online presence. They wanted to create a buzz around their new physical chip reader designed for pop-up shops and other offline sales channels. Through 3D animation, they were able to transform the chip reader into a range of objects associated with their brand, such as a record player or an engagement ring box. They were able to achieve their goal of showcasing the various uses and transactions of the chip reader without needing to break open their physical devices or turn them into unconventional items.

5) Nike LunarEpic Flyknit

Lastly, how can we forget Nike, a global leader in sportswear. Nike ads are undoubtedly the better ones compared to the other sportswear brands. They really know how to nail the combination of visuals and storytelling. In this product video for their LunarEpic trainers, they turned to 3D animation to showcase the intricacies of this new shoe.

The animation highlights the little details in the show that may not be visible to the naked eye, providing viewers with an in-depth look at the trainer. With this product video, it just tells you how Nike pays attention to detail when creating their products.

What Are Some Advantages Of Using 3D Product Videos?

Now that you’ve seen how impactful the visuals of all the examples we’ve shared, you might still be second-guessing if 3D animation is worth the investment. So what more can 3D animation offer?

Showcases Your Product in a More Realistic Way

With 3D animation, you have the ability to highlight every feature of your product in detail. This can be especially useful for products with complex internal workings or intricate designs that may be difficult to demonstrate through traditional means. Besides that, it gives your audience a more immersive and virtual experience of your products.

3D product video scene - Pepsi

Your customers will then get a better sense of the look, feel and functionality of your product without having to leave their home. Which is a big advantage with today’s society having an increasingly high dependency on digital media.

Flexibility in Making Adjustments to the Product’s Design

Traditional product videos usually require a crew, the rental of equipment and you don’t have a studio to film at, you have to rent that too! All that together can be a hassle. But with 3D animation, you can easily make changes to your product video or adjust the language, tone, and style of the animation to appeal to different age groups or cultural backgrounds. The flexibility you get in making modifications to your

More Cost-Effective than Traditional Product Videos

The making of an actual product takes time and money. 3D animation not only helps you save costs on marketing, it allows you to create engaging product presentations that can be easily shared through a thumb drive or a shared drive.

This means you can avoid the high costs of producing physical prototypes or attending trade shows to showcase your products. These product videos also utilise voiceovers and visual cues, which is cheaper and also lets you convey your message in a clear and concise way that your audience can easily understand.

More Creative Freedom to Demonstrate Your Product

You know when you plan a physical production for your product video, you always have something to worry about. Whether the product is ready, is the lighting good enough, or who are you going to hire as talent. All these questions would bug your mind. But with 3D animation, you are not limited by these things.

Showing brand in 3D product video

Whatever crazy and unique ideas you have to promote your product, it’s possible. We never said it was going to be easy, but there’s definitely a way to bring your crazy ideas to life.

Improves Your Brand Image

Some might disagree when we say visuals means everything for product videos. 3D product animation is a powerful tool to help you achieve a professional and polished image for not only your product but your brand.

With its realistic look, it can make even the most simple, basic products appear luxurious. It also allows you to showcase your product from every angle, highlighting every detail and feature that makes it stand out from your competitors.

brand featured in 3D animation

This attention to detail shows your customers that you care about your product and are committed to giving them only your best. Besides all that, it allows you to create a consistent image across all your marketing collaterals, ensuring that your brand image is recognizable and memorable to your audience.

Wrapping Up

3D product videos are revolutionizing the way products are showcased, offering a more engaging and realistic experience for online shoppers. These virtual commercials provide endless flexibility and customization options compared to traditional product videos.

The cost-saving benefits, including the elimination of production crews, equipment, and filming locations, make 3D product visualisation a smart investment for businesses looking to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

I hope that you will find the insights presented in this article, along with the showcased creative examples to be inspiring and useful. Peace out!

3D video made by Kasra Design Studio

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