10 Motion Graphics Trends For 2023

10 Motion Graphics Trends 2023
"Our prediction of the hottest motion graphics trends in 2023! "

Motion graphics has been one of the most consistently used animations in marketing for the past few decades. The uniqueness motion graphics add to conventional marketing videos makes it evergreen.

However, what makes it even more effective is its ability to evolve according to the ongoing trends and its appeal to audiences of all ages, fields, and watching habits.

Like last year and the year before, this year has also been a year of drastic evolution for motion graphics, with brand-new trends taking off in the industry.

What are those trends? How can you use them to level up your marketing? And most importantly, why should you use them? This, and much more, we will discuss in this article about the hottest motion graphic trends speculated to take off in 2023.

So without further ado, let’s jump in!

The change in trends in the world of motion graphics or animation is led by several reasons. Some of the most common and major ones are given as under:

1. Shrinking attention span

You might know this or not, but the average attention span of humans is shrinking at an enormous pace. It is now less than 8 seconds, and keeping the audience engaged is more difficult than ever. To tackle this, marketers and animators are coming up with more creative ideas to enhance the visual experience, ultimately contributing to new trends with every passing year.

2. Shift towards minimalism

Just like every other thing, animation too, is moving from striking imagery and complex graphics to simplicity. This is due to a gradual shift towards minimalism among the general population, which is reflected in their watching habits. This is also one of the most significant contributing factors to new trends in motion graphics.

3. General audience behavior:

When an audience is bombarded with the same old type of content over and over, it’s pretty natural for them to feel fed up. For a brand to stand out, it must come up with something new that instantly catches the audience’s attention. The ones who do, become the trendsetters for times to come, and the cycle continues over and over.

Now that you know what controls the trends in the world of motion graphics, let’s have a look at some motion graphics trends that are expected to see a major spike in 2023:

1. Minimalist color scheme

In the past three decades, almost every major company changed its logo from vibrant to minimalist. Now the same philosophy has been brought to video making, and it’s doing wonders as far as marketing is concerned. A minimalist color scheme gives the viewers a feeling of serenity, calmness, and purity.

As a result, it keeps them engaged and ensures that your message gets across as effectively as possible. Not to mention, it stands out on a screen cluttered with flashy thumbnails and loud colors, which is why minimalist color scheme is also a great click generators.

2. Mixing 2D and 3D

Mixing 2D and 3D means combining different aspects of both animations in a single video. Usually, it’s 3D characters or alphabets existing and moving in a two-dimensional space. The uniqueness of this animation fascinates and intrigues the viewer, compelling him to watch the video to the end.

It gives your audience a great visual experience, translating into more engagement or conversions if accompanied by a persuasive message.

3. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is an animation technique in which the artists use moving text to catch and retain attention. The trend of kinetic typography has always been popular among marketers, and it will remain so in the upcoming year.

In marketing, it is popularly used in commercials where you want to emphasize certain parts of your message.

4. Anti-gravity and floating

This effect involves using 3D objects floating in a three-dimensional space without a definite pattern, giving the impression as if they’re in a zero-gravity space. It’s very immersive and modern and has caught fire very recently.

If keeping your audience hooked to your video from the very first second is the goal, then it’s better to start giving it attention because it’s likely to blast in 2023 and the years that follow.

5. Flat graphic animation

Flat graphic animation is just how it sounds, simple, flat, 2D animation that fully embraces its nature and is proud of it. Although it has been a part of explainers for quite a while, companies have also started incorporating some of its elements in their web and app designs.

It gives the web design a classy look and engages the users through interactive environments.

6. Inclusive visuals

When you upload a video to the internet, you talk to a global audience of all cultures, races, social and economic backgrounds, and geographical locations. To appeal to such a diverse audience, ensuring they feel connected to your video is essential. Making graphics that promote inclusivity increases your reach and makes a huge emotional impact.

With diversity awareness campaigns becoming more popular, this trend will soar in the coming years.

7. Vibrant nostalgia

The minimalist revolution in the graphics world has been so drastic that most audiences often feel nostalgic about how things used to be. To tackle this, animators introduced “vibrant nostalgia.” It’s a design in motion graphics that incorporates old-school components like newspaper and magazine designs in modern animation, giving it a refreshing yet nostalgic vibe.

It has remained one of the most successful trends in 2022, and we don’t see why it shouldn’t be in 2023.

8. Seamless transitions

Though it might not seem like a huge deal, the little things make a great animation. Seamless transitioning is just one of those small things. Its use has seen a tremendous surge in motion graphics in the past few years and will continue to be a part of it in the upcoming years. After all, who doesn’t like a professional look?

9. Hyper-realistic 3D motion graphics

The more CGI is advancing, hyper-realistic 3D is also getting increasingly popular. Apart from the fact that it will blow the viewers’ minds with the visuals, it is also very helpful in creating detailed architectural imagery of a structure. But you might think, It has nothing to do with motion graphics, right?

As a matter of fact, it does. The animation world is striving towards realism, and the one who makes good use of it stands out. Imagine those 3D alphabets and models you use in a traditional motion graphics video looking like something from a full-fledged movie. Awesome, right?

That’s what hyperrealism is all about. Though it will cost you a little more than traditional animations, the investment is worth every penny. It adds a very sophisticated touch to your overall branding. A video made with hyper-realism looks stellar and feels premium.

10. Stop motion

Traditionally, stop motion is produced by taking continuous photos of real objects in a studio. But it’s tedious, as well as expensive. The good news is now you can achieve almost identical results with motion graphics.

It simply involves making 3D objects through advanced animation techniques and then readjusting their movement frame by frame to give them the same feel as stop motion.

Since it’s a quite recent and economical technique, more and more brands interested in stop-motion are moving towards it to save their marketing investment and boost the production speed at which they generate content for their audience. If you like to use stop motion for your ads, you should definitely give it a try.


Motion graphics is one of those animations that constantly evolve with time according to the likes and dislikes of viewers. And to stay in the game, your content should adapt to these timely fads and trends without compromising your core company values and brand image.

To ensure you don’t miss out on what’s coming, we gathered the hottest motion graphics trends in this article that will dominate the marketing world of tomorrow. We hope this piece helps you in shaping your video marketing strategy for the coming year.

See you with another one. 😉

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