What is Motion Graphics? – Making Your Videos Stand Out with Style

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"Motion graphics is the art of taking static graphic design and applying animation to it."

Experts predict that in the next few years, online video will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. With so much saturation and competition, motion graphics animation can help set your videos apart.

What is Motion Graphics?

At its core, motion graphics is the art of taking static graphic design and applying animation to it. Using a combination of text, shapes, and images to form a visually appealing experience. You’ll have seen these types of videos used everywhere, from ads, landing page videos, tutorials, and movie credit sequences.

Usually paired with music and copy, motion graphics animation helps to visually convey a message to your audience. Think of a graph with the bars slowly increasing to visually show a rise in profits.

The Difference Between Motion Graphics and Animation

There’s a lot of overlap between the two, and distinguishing the difference can be hard. Just look at our use of the term ‘motion graphics animation’.

Animation is a broad term that covers many visual artforms, motion graphics included. The primary difference is that motion graphics focus on shapes and images, whereas animation is more story and character driven. Motion graphics would be a logo flying onto screen, whereas animation would be the logo personified as a character talking to the audience.

It’s a fine line that separates the two, and a lot of the time animation and motion graphics are used together in the same video. A good rule of thumb is that motion graphics’ main purpose is to display data and convey a message in a visual way. Animation is largely concerned with entertainment and telling a story.

When is Motion Graphics best used?

You may have a complex, abstract idea that’s hard to explain with words alone. Supporting your explanation with motion graphics is a great way of helping audiences understand your message.

Think about ‘the cloud’, the figurative space where data is stored. When it was first developed, its creators had their work cut out trying to explain exactly how it worked to the average person on the street. Using motion graphics to show how individual devices link with the cloud would have been a powerful way to demonstrate how it works.

A lot of start-ups may find they have trouble explaining exactly what it is that their product or service does to potential buyers. The average person has no specialist knowledge of tech, finance, or any of a hundred other fields. Bridging this gap successfully can mean the difference between failure and success to a lot of fledgling companies. Motion graphics animation is great at simplifying difficult concepts into easily understood ideas.

Benefits of using Motion Graphics

The benefits of using motion graphics are numerous. It’s rare you’ll find a subject that motion graphics cannot be applied to. They’re incredibly versatile because they make up everything. Logos, shapes, colors, and elements can all be turned into trending motion graphics.

Endlessly customizable, they’re the perfect option for new businesses that want to leave their mark on the market and cement themselves in the audience’s mind. It’s far easier for buyers to connect with a message when it’s accompanied by visually appealing design.

Graphic design works with still images, specializing in saying a lot while using a little. One look at a picture should tell you everything you need to know about it. Because of this, motion graphics excel at simplifying information and maximizing understanding. This means it’s often a lot cheaper to produce than traditional animation, which relies on a narrative to tell its message.

Motion graphic animation is already widely used in society and makes use of easily recognizable images and symbols. This means audiences are already receptive to their use. Studies have shown that using animated videos can have a positive effect on conversions up to 85%.

Motion graphics are an indispensable tool that every established business or innovative start-up will want to have at their disposal. Delivering more bang for your buck than almost any other form of media or marketing available online.

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