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Top 10 Malaysian Animation Companies in 2024

In recent years, Malaysia’s animation industry has experienced significant growth and progress, marked by a notable increase in the presence of local companies and studios dedicated to crafting imaginative and top-notch content. Let’s delve deeper into it in 2024.

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16 Awesome Crypto Blockchain Animated Videos

This list is your ultimate resource for top crypto and blockchain explainer videos! We’ve curated a diverse collection featuring various animation styles, from hand-drawn to 3D. If you like what you see, visit our blog for more! We publish tons of lists related to the animation and video production industry.

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Sora And The Future of Animation Industry

As the creative director at an animation studio, I’ve been closely monitoring the impact of AI on our industry. The transformation brought about by technologies such as Sora in the job market for creative professionals has been a significant point of contemplation for me. AI possesses the capability to potentially displacing some roles in the process.

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What is Character Design And How to Master It

Crafting characters isn’t just about saving costs, it’s an art. Go beyond stick figures to sculpt their look, style their attire and infuse them with a unique vibe. This is where you breathe life into your characters, making them not only memorable but also instantly recognizable.


Character Acting in Animation: A Complete Guide

Every captivating tale is powered by character animation that brings feelings and friendships to life. Whether sketched or real, it’s this animation that gives characters their genuine vibe. Their movements and emotions, finely detailed through character animation, immerse and charm us.

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Animation Storyboard: How to Make A Proper One!

An animation storyboard is a visual roadmap that outlines the key elements of an animated production. It consists of a series of drawings or sketches that illustrate the major events, actions, and camera angles of a story. These drawings are arranged in sequence and serve as a guide for the animators, artists, and directors who will bring the story to life.

It serves as the blueprint for the entire project, allowing the creators to visualize and refine their ideas before committing them to animation. A well-executed storyboard can help identify pacing issues, plot holes, and inconsistencies in the story, which can save valuable time and resources down the line.

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10 Best Singaporean Animation Companies in 2023

In recent years, the animation industry in Singapore has received significant government support, which has helped to boost its growth. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched several initiatives to support the industry, including providing funding and training for aspiring animators and studios.

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