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Animation Storyboard: How to Make A Proper One!

An animation storyboard is a visual roadmap that outlines the key elements of an animated production. It consists of a series of drawings or sketches that illustrate the major events, actions, and camera angles of a story. These drawings are arranged in sequence and serve as a guide for the animators, artists, and directors who will bring the story to life.

It serves as the blueprint for the entire project, allowing the creators to visualize and refine their ideas before committing them to animation. A well-executed storyboard can help identify pacing issues, plot holes, and inconsistencies in the story, which can save valuable time and resources down the line.

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10 Best Singaporean Animation Companies in 2023

In recent years, the animation industry in Singapore has received significant government support, which has helped to boost its growth. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched several initiatives to support the industry, including providing funding and training for aspiring animators and studios.

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What is 2.5D Animation and When to Use It

2.5D is an animation type that stands somewhere between traditional 2D and 3D. To create one, animators use compositing software and place 2D elements in 3D space to create the illusion of 3D Animation. 3D animation takes the concept of animation a step further and adds more depth to it.

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Top 20 Hand-Drawn Animation Styles to Discover in 2023

While the current animation market is cluttered with computer-generated and generic looking videos, it has become challenging to stand out as a brand. To stay unique, many brands are returning to making old-school animation, not only because of their nostalgia and emotional impact but also their rarity.

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11 Common Mistakes That Any Animator Should Avoid

The animation is like playing a whole orchestra. Even one dysfunctional instrument could ruin the entire essence of your work, spilling water on days of hard work. We have jumbled up a list of 11 common mistakes that any animator should avoid if they want their work to sell, be watched, and get inspired by.

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