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How To Make YouTube Video Thumbnails That Get Clicks

Overlay bold legible text that complements the image but doesn’t overcrowd it. Emphasize facial expressions or action shots as they’re naturally attention-grabbing. Contrast and bright colors can make your thumbnail pop but always ensure it’s representative of the video’s content. Remember your thumbnail is your video’s first impression so make it count!

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How to Make a Video Go Viral? 5 Strategies to Consider

There’s no guaranteed way to make a video go viral. Sometimes, it can be a small joke that could take the online world by storm; other times, it could be a well-produced video that would get just a few views. While there’s no guaranteed way of making a video viral, there are a couple of strategies we get to see in all.

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Top 5 Creative Website Design Ideas for a Startup

A startup has a lot of things to take care of. One of them is to increase their online presence, which is impossible without making a beautiful website. What is a beautiful website? It’s the one that develops decent engagement and drives maximum conversions. If you are thinking about making a website for your startup, check this article right now.

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11 Common Mistakes That Any Animator Should Avoid

The animation is like playing a whole orchestra. Even one dysfunctional instrument could ruin the entire essence of your work, spilling water on days of hard work. We have jumbled up a list of 11 common mistakes that any animator should avoid if they want their work to sell, be watched, and get inspired by.

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Best Animation Studios to Hire in 2021

To make your life easier, we have shortlisted 12 top animation companies that you should check out based on the quality of work, experience in the industry and other capabilities that will lend to the success of your animation. These companies are specialized in producing animated videos, especially for businesses and organizations like yours.

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What is 3D Animation and Where to Use It?

The process of 3D animation can be divided into four phases: modelling and texturing 3D objects, layout and how objects are positioned, animation (rigging) phase. Lastly, rendering, where completed computer graphics rendered into image sequences or video formats (MP4, MOV etc).

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