5 Ways a Video Strategy Can Fuel Your Sales Team Endeavors

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"Sales emails that include the word “video” in the title are 8 times more likely to be opened."

Video is the present and the future. Anyone who hasn’t yet figured that out needs to get on board fast. It is estimated that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all prospect internet traffic, therefore, implementing a video strategy is becoming a necessity.

What makes videos an effective marketing tool is their engaging and dynamic nature. You can use the power of videos to capture prospects’ attention and improve your sales.

The video’s ability to boost sales isn’t just a myth. According to Wyzowl’s video marketing statistic for 2021, 80% of video marketers said that video has directly helped with increasing sales.

However, making a video or two and hoping for a miracle won’t do. If you want to boost that sales rate, you need a video strategy that will assist your sales team’s efforts.

The sales team needs to work together and coordinate the video selling strategy.

Here are ways in which a video strategy can empower your sales team and help them get more sales.

1. Provide Sales Team with a Tool for Authentic Outreach

The generic marketing tactics aren’t just keeping the sales steady – they are leaving the sales team to struggle with useless sales tools.

Video marketing can freshen up your sales team strategy. They can gain a new path to make a personal and authentic outreach to prospects.

The new and improved approach can bring new possibilities such as getting in touch with existing prospects with the intention of sharing new content.

The sales team won’t have to worry about the bounce rate as sales emails that include the word “video” in the title are 8 times more likely to be opened. They are also 3x more likely to earn a response which means that the sales team will get more chances to close the deal.

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2. Arm Them with Different Types of Videos to Win over Wider Audience

Diversity can help you reach a wider audience. Your sales team can be targeting specific groups of users (men, women, startups, younger prospects, older prospects) – and these users can have a different preference concerning video types.

If you create content in various forms, the sales team can have a portfolio of useful videos. They can employ these videos according to specific situations and win over more prospects.

Here are some type of videos you can use for marketing and sales purposes:

The sales team should discuss what type of video will work best for your audience. Creating buyer personas and outlining their preferences can help with pinpointing which videos can work best for which purpose.

3. Save Time on Repetitive Talks and Invest Them in Closing Sales

The sales team can waste valuable time repeating the same old content about your company or products. Videos can change that.

With an effective video strategy, you can create videos that perfectly introduce your company and explain your products. The videos can lay the groundwork and the sales team can then tackle the more difficult challenge that is closing the sale.

For example, they can set alerts that will inform them when a lead watches a video. Then, they can get in touch with the prospect to capitalize on the evoked interest.

If you write several video scripts that will cover the basics, you can help your sales team immensely by relieving them of the introductory aspect of the sale.

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4. Video Can Help the Sales Team Take Over Social Media

Sales pitches and product promotions have transformed from traditional face-to-face methods to modern social selling. Social media is the place where the sales team can truly thrive. That is, if you supply them with a proper tool – video strategy.

Videos can help your sales team have an impressive and memorable performance in their social selling. The LinkedIn invites, LinkedIn messages, Instagram, and Facebook content can now be fueled with engaging videos that prospects actually want to watch.

For example, the sales team can use the video about your brand’s story to intrigue prospects they are targeting. Video content aligns better with the interactive nature of social media and thus, will resonate better with its users.

Posting video content on social media can also help the sales team to lure in new prospects without directly approaching them. Videos (or animated videos) are more informative, tangible, and engaging than text or image. Therefore, the probability of getting contacted by an interested individual is higher.

According to LinkedIn, Company Page Video is 5x more likely than other types of content to start a conversation among members. Company Page Video feature allows companies to add a video on their business page. These types of videos have proved to be effective in connecting leads. That’s why social media videos such as Company Page Video can be a useful tool for broadening sales opportunities.

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5. Sales Team Can Use Video Analytics to Improve Their Strategy

The best sales strategy derives from data-driven decisions. As the name suggests, you need data to make such decisions. Video strategy can give your sales team a new channel for collecting and analyzing data.

Video metrics that can be useful to your sales team are:

  • Most viewed/popular videos
  • Videos that encouraged prospects to get in touch
  • Emails with videos that have the highest open rate
  • Video messages that led to scheduling a meeting
  • The minute when prospects stop watching the video

The video strategy performance can help the sales team get a better understanding of their target audience. Based on favored video content they can learn what type of approach works best for the prospects they need to win over.

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For example, if educational videos perform best, this is an indication that prospects prefer a specific, statistic-enhanced, and informative type of approach. If friendly and humorous videos bring the most leads, the sales team should employ a more casual and original tactic.

Videos can help the sales team start the conversation more effectively and seal the deal faster.

But video analytics can do more than provide more information on prospects. The insights can reveal hits and misses in individual team member’s approaches.

Through continuous analysis, the team can discover techniques and methods that work best and share those methods among them.

For example, if a certain sales team member fails to engage prospects despite sending many videos, they should analyze his approach to find the issue. On the other hand, if a team member or rep shows excellent results with a few video messages, the whole team can dissect this approach and use it in their future sales.

The sales team can collectively learn from each other’s successes and mistakes to improve their overall result.

Wrapping Up

Video strategy can nourish the sales team collaboration, provide them with a new and effective power tool, and help them create a better and stronger selling strategy. Every sales trend becomes a trend for a reason. Video strategy is a growing trend among sales teams and marketers simply because it works.

Don’t restrain this possibility for your sales to improve. Their efforts can become more successful only if you provide them with suitable tools. In the years when video dominates, video strategy is the sales tool they need.


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