8 Reasons Why You Need “How To” Videos For Your Brand

8 Reasons You Need “How To” Videos Illustration
"The trick is to use the visual perception that helps your customers to memorize your brand."

Before you start with the promotion of your brand, it is vital to understand your available time and resources before any action is taken. While you may not know your audience well or even hope to expand your brand internationally, always consider preliminary research that will help you to avoid certain mistakes and learn the basics of business ethics.

Another important aspect in any marketing campaign is keeping your audience interested, which is not an easy task to accomplish if one considers the schedules and lack of time of an average person. Therefore, the creation of “how-to” videos for your brand becomes a helpful solution since you are dealing with a visual perception of information.

The Advantages of Visual Perception

While you can start with a blog post or provide your products with a short instruction, it will always force people to explore your brand on their own or rely upon word-of-mouth advertisement. Once you can watch a video “how-to” guide, everything becomes simpler and does not take much time. Moreover, the trick is to use the visual perception that helps your customers to memorize your brand by combining what they hear and see. It works exactly like seeing a news report that a person memorizes even if it runs in the background. Using a similar approach to promote your brand will help you to get recognized.

Keeping Your Information Sorted

Another reason why you should be creating custom “how-to” videos for your brand is finally sorting your information and creating a more accessible systematization. While you may already have it all at hand, dealing with condensed video content that you design with the purpose of greater accessibility will help your brand to focus on several target groups.

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Try out different designs, add real-life elements, explain the background of each product, discuss various brand groups, and so on. As you create your video guide, act as the explainer because what you need to provide is a simple explanation. It should act within the lines of “this product is good because” or “if you have X request, choose Y product because”.

The Possibility of Localization & International Markets Outreach

After making several videos, you can turn to professional localization services, which will help you to expand your brand internationally. Since you already have some design and text content, it becomes much easier to localize (translate) your information by turning to subtitles, voice-overs, or even creating brand new video guides in a foreign language.

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Remember that you have to consider various socio-cultural aspects when dealing with the Middle East or countries like Japan or China where certain rules may apply. Turning to localization acts like working with an explainer because you will talk to a native speaker specialist who will suggest several ideas that will be necessary for a certain market.

Additional Media Flexibility

Once you have a collection of various videos, they can be used for promotional purposes and come along with each product. Regardless, if you are using your guides as the video manuals or as the way to show why and how your brand stands out, you can always continue with a factory tour or a video where you talk to your employees and explain why your products are worth checking out.

The more transparency and clarity you offer in your “how-to” guides, the more flexibility you have. You can test your products or compare your brand categories with the help of an expert who will voice his or her opinion.

Creation of Helpful Brand Manuals

Even if you already have some guides that carry an explanatory and entertaining character to talk about your brand, do not forget about the creation of specific brand manuals that implement animation when some process must be explained to get the most out of your product. If you are dealing with some equipment, it becomes an obligatory aspect.

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For example, when your brand represents the healthcare sector, you can design the parts of the manual as the video frames where an expert explains all the key factors. It will also increase the safety and awareness of your customers.

Cooperation with Influencers & Social Media

Consider turning to Facebook and Instagram influencers to promote your “how-to” videos. Inviting a famous media personality will increase your sales. You can either create a short explanatory video where a famous person becomes your customer or turn to an animated design by letting the influencer sum things up by naming the benefits of your brand.

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Moreover, your “how-to” videos can be shared online and support your online presence across various platforms.

Participation in Social Campaigns

You can turn to “how-to” videos by focusing on various charity and social campaigns. You can take any social issue where your brand’s promotion can become relevant. Even if you cannot pick something that might work, think about environmental issues since any manufacturing process has a relation to that.

Provide explanatory content that shows how exactly you consider environmental protection and why choosing your brand is helpful in this regard. Doing so will also increase your corporate ethics and social image.

Call-to-Action Approach

Finally, by creating “how-to” videos for your brand, you also design your marketing plan and apply a certain call-to-action method that will talk to your potential customers. As you create your video guides, many aspects will become attainable because you will always do your best to simplify those complex elements to make them accessible and beneficial.

Finding The Right Design Approach

Remember that your design should be clear and without terms that require any further explanation. Remember about the playback speed and the time required to understand your visual content and read the text. When you create a video guide, start with a good marketing outline where you apply the bits of texts and images first.

If you have a complex issue that contains too much data, implement simple animation, which will help your audience see the challenge and the solution offered. While it may sound relatively simplistic, it is what will help keep people inspired and see how your brand becomes exactly what will work in a certain scenario.


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