6 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

secrets of video marketing campaign
"The most effective way to make sales with a video campaign is to not make the video about sales."

The usage and importance of video marketing have grown such that it’s now impossible to talk about digital marketing without mentioning and discussing video marketing. It has become clear to marketers that this is an excellent channel for them to reach their audience.

However, there’s a question of how you create a good video. How do you make good videos? How do you keep the viewers engaged? Does it have to do with the timing of the video or the story?

These are legitimate questions that marketers seek to find answers to. How do you create a good video? What are the ingredients of a super successful video marketing campaign?

In this article, we discuss six secrets that are important to the success of a video. You are surely going to find these tips useful for you from now on.

1. Know your audience first

Like with every other content you’re creating, you need to know your audience first before making the video. This will help you to create a video that is relevant to them. So, define who your target audience is first, and create a video they can relate to. For example, sometimes an animated video connects better with certain audience than a live-action version. There’s no communication when they cannot relate to the message you are trying to pass across to them. This is mainly the reason why many video marketing campaign fails. There’s no way you can create video content that resonates with them if you don’t know them or their pain points.


2. Use the first few seconds properly.

The most important part of your video is not the message that you’re passing at the end. It’s the first few seconds of the video. This is because it determines if the audience will watch the video to the end. Set the right tone from the beginning of the video. If you can’t win their attention with the first few seconds in your video, they will end up skipping the video. Get it right from the start and provide answers and solutions to the questions or problems bothering the audience. This will give them a reason to watch it and make the video a success.

3. Keep your video short.

As interesting as your video content may be, it is essential to keep it short so as to make it more effective. People, these days, don’t have much time to spend watching one video. The fact is that the internet and social media are full of all kinds of content, and the audience is spoilt for choice. From video content to audio, text, and other kinds of content, you provide valuable information for them. So there’s not much time to spend with just one video. This is why you should make your video very short and pass as much information as possible within that short timeframe. Ideally, your video should be more than one minute. The longer it is, the higher the possibility that the audience will quit before getting to the end of it.

4. Create a good story not centered around sales

There are too many sales stories online which are ineffective and repulsive to customers. The most effective way to make sales with a video campaign is to not make the video about sales. Instead, create an excellent story that the audience finds fascinating. This will win their interest and bring you sales. Your focus when creating video content is to provide value to the audience and not try to push sales down their throat.

Making the video appeal to the emotions of the audience will make it more effective.

5. Add some humor to your video.

Creating a boring, bland video will not do so much to win people over to your brand. This is why you should use a little bit of humor in your video. It helps you to be efficient in passing your point across.

You can’t go wrong with some humor in your video because your audience is looking for a good laugh too. Your audience won’t mind loosening up a bit as they look to forget their 9-5 realities. Even if you are in the corporate world, it is your chance to try something different and stand out from your competition.

6. Add CTAs to your video.

Optimizing your video content with CTAs (Call to Action) is essential for the success of your video. While a CTA might not always lead to sales directly or sign up, you could make people share the video to give you more brand awareness. While you can place the CTA in different parts of the video, which are the start, middle, and end of the video, the most effective one is the one placed at the end of the video.


Video marketing is essential for your brand as it is easily relatable and the audience can quickly engage with it. However, if you don’t do it right, you may end up with a failed video marketing. I hope that you find the tips mentioned in this article useful for your video marketing.

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