Top 10 Malaysian Animation Companies in 2024

Top 10 Malaysian Animation Companies in 2024
"An animator is an actor with a pencil." - Chuck Jones

The animation industry in Malaysia has seen growth and development in recent years with a surge in the number of local companies and studios producing creative and high-quality content. The Malaysian government has been actively supporting this growth through initiatives such as funding, tax incentives and subsidies to encourage both local and international investors.

One key factor driving this growth is the presence of a workforce with universities like Multimedia University (MMU), The One Academy and Taylors University offering top notch animation programs. These educational institutions have played a role in shaping the industry by providing quality training for aspiring animators.

The growth of Animation in Malaysia was also fueled by the marketing industry. Using animations in marketing can establish a strong brand image and enhance brand recognition. Viewers are more likely to remember animated content compared to content due to the emotional connection it creates resulting in better recall. This shift prompted marketing companies in Malaysia to incorporate animated content into their strategies.

A quick stroll in Malaysian capital (Kuala Lumpur) will reveal how well animation is used in marketing materials around the town. Shops’ screens and digital billboards are covered with eye-catching animations as well as 3D anamorphic content.  In 2023, we curated a top 10 list, and the following selection serves as an update to that for the year 2024.

Top 10 Malaysian animation companies making waves in 2024

1) Les’ Copaque Production

Les’ Copaque Production is a known animation studio based in Malaysia. They are renowned, for their creation of the animated series “Upin & Ipin”.

This show depicts the escapades of two Malaysian twin brothers and their companions as they explore themes of friendship, family values and cultural practices. Remarkably the series has garnered a following both locally and internationally receiving numerous accolades for its exceptional quality and cultural significance. If you’re seeking an animation company that undertakes significant projects be sure to give them a look.

2) Kasra Design®

Kasra Design is a recognized animation company that has received numerous awards for their exceptional work. Operating from locations in Malaysia and Singapore they specialize in crafting both 2D and 3D explainer videos and motion graphics. With a portfolio boasting over a thousand videos they have catered to companies such as Petronas, Shell, Visa, PetroChina, Credit Suisse, Sinarmas, IATA, Affin Bank, Intel, Hong Leong Bank, Ogilvy & Mather Schneider Electric, Panasonic and Tokio Marine.

Their awards include the Best Animation award at the Los Angeles Animation Festival, Gold Award from the Indigo Design Awards. They also received awards from the Motion Design Awards.

For inquiries about their animation services, you can reach out to their team here:

3) Inspidea

Inspidea is an animation company that has been involved in the creation of animated series like “Mustang Mama” and “Rolling Bones”. They specialize primarily in 2D animation, they have developed content for a range of platforms including television, the web, and mobile devices. If you’re in search of a 2D animation studio they appear to be a great option.

Inspidea Animation Series

Inspidea adores cartoons. Tuning into them swiftly transports them back to their childhood days. Their passion for cartoons drives them to create their own.

Established in 2002, the founders of Inspidea ventured into the world of animation without knowledge or experience in animation making. They relied on a team of artists and dedicated support staff to compensate for any lacking expertise in cartoon production.

4) Animonsta Studios

Animonsta Studios is an animation company from Malaysia known for producing the beloved animated series “BoBoiBoy.” The show revolves around a boy who acquires superpowers and embarks on exciting adventures with his friends.

It’s no wonder that the series has garnered popularity not in Malaysia but also worldwide leading to its adaptation, into a full-length feature film.

5) Fly Studio

Fly Studio is an animation company specializing in creating top notch Visual Effects and 3D animations. Their portfolio includes a range of projects spanning from animated ads to educational videos and TV programs. They have delivered animations for clients worldwide including leading brands like Coca Cola, Google and McDonalds. Their recent project is called “A Mighty Adventure” which will be launched in year 2025.

The studio provides a range of visual effects services for the film industry, such as matte paintings and 3D compositing.

6) Animasia Studio

Animasia Studio, an established Malaysian animation company, is known for producing the popular animated series “ABC Monsters”.

The show follows a group of monsters residing in an alphabet inspired world with each monster symbolizing a letter. It has garnered acclaim both locally in Malaysia and internationally. Additionally, Animasias animations have been adapted into languages worldwide. It is safe to say that Animasia Sutdio team has plenty of experience in producing world class animations.

7) WAU Animation

WAU Animation stands out as a known animation studio recognized for producing the popular series “Batik Tribe” and “Pili Dream.” “Batik Tribe” showcases culture through animation while “Pili Dream” follows the story of a young boy aspiring to be a formidable warrior (in a fantasy adventure setting). Both shows have garnered very positive feedback from viewers. They also produced the popular “Ejan Ali” animated movie.

It appears that this studio is dedicated to crafting top notch animations infused with Malaysian flair. I certainly recommend exploring their work if you are looking for similar type of animations.

8) Moving Image

Operating out of Malaysia, this animation production company boasts a diverse portfolio ranging from simple corporate videos and creative web videos to TV Commercials, 3D animation and visual effects.

Known for their motion picture services, they credit their success to a highly skilled technical team armed with profound expertise and boundless creativity in the realm of film production.  They created animations for Sunway Group, MyMy and Biogas.

9) Silver Ant

Silver Ant is a known animation company based in Malaysia that has contributed to popular animated shows like “Mila and Biggie”. They have expertise in both 2D and 3D animation.

In addition to their animation services, Silver Ant provides creative offerings such as concept creation, storyboarding and post-production. This makes them an ideal choice for companies and groups seeking top notch content across platforms. With an imaginative team and years of experience, they have established themselves as a reliable partner in the animation industry.

10) Lemon Sky Animation

Lemon Sky Animation has been involved in various known (and awesome!) projects. They have worked on titles such as “Tinpo,” “Warframe,” “Santiago of the Seas” and “Transformers  Devastation”.

This animation studio from Malaysia has received many awards for its quality and meticulous attention to details. So, if you’re seeking a studio with award-winning experience in high profile projects, this is definitely one worth reaching out to. Just so you know their team specializes in 3D and CGI animation production.

Final Words

The Malaysian teams mentioned above create content that’s both distinctive and culturally significant. A lot of them have developed series and movies that highlight culture and history, likely contributing to their success in the global market.

In general, it appears that the animation production industry in Malaysia is continuing to thrive. I think that with support from the government and increased investments we can anticipate further growth in the industry in the years ahead.

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