5 Essential Ad Revenue Optimization Strategies for Publishers in 2021

Essential Video Ad Revenue Optimization
"If you want your revenue to skyrocket, optimize your ads!"

Want to supercharge your chances at increasing your ad revenue in 2021?

Well, before you dive head-first in the subscriptions, display ads, newsletters, etc., understand that many ad publishers will have to adjust their ads at some point or another, in order to earn more money from their ads.

So, why not try out these 5 great tips to better optimize your ad revenue:

Tip 1: Start Using Outstream Video Ads

Video ads have made strides in the marketing industry. Such ads have viewers engaged in what it’s about, and from what brand or company they’re from.

instream vs outstream video ads

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Google Ads defines outstream video ads as “mobile-only ads that appear on partner sites and apps outside of YouTube,” and they play either in an app or on a page with content. As a result, video ads make up for the higher click-to-rate (CTR), versus having textual content do the job. When video ads are implemented, publishers can focus better on figuring out how to monetize the content.

Tip 2: Experiment With Server-Side Header Bidding

Adpushup defines server-side header bidding as “a technique when the auction takes place on a server” rather than on a browser. This technique is often nicknamed “server-to-server header bidding” because things happen without needing a user’s browser to get it to work. When implemented, header bidding can enhance ad yield optimization. When doing this on a grander scale though, you’ll need a dedicated ad server that lets publishers specify their bidding priorities while serving their ads based on the following criteria:

  • Day and time
  • Devices
  • Geographical location, etc.

Tip 3: Use Multi-Ad Formats And Sizes

Yield management and optimization strategies are crucial, when it comes to create and publishing ads.

advertisement sizes and formats

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But first, you’ll need to understand basic yield optimization, which allows advertisers to capitalize on spending on and deploying ads. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Use different website layouts to increase user engagement, and keep your ads updated and fresh. (For example, customize your ads for upcoming holidays, such as Christmas, Black Friday, etc.)
  • Use ad sizes that are appropriate and comply with Google AdSense rules and regulations (More on Adsense later on in this article), because targeting and placement will influence your yield optimization. (For PCs, for example, stick with ad sizes like 160×600, 300×250, 336×280, and 728×90.)
  • Know important metrics and their acronyms:

CPC (cost per click)

CPM (cost per mille/thousand)

CTR (click through rate)

RPM (revenue per thousand impressions)

This lets businesses and ad publishers monitor and evaluate ad performance and learn from the reports that they produce.

  • Experiment with textual ads and various colors to see which combination offers the best yield.

Tip 4: Work With A Google-Certified Publishing Partner

Advertisers want to use good storytelling in their ads to have users interact with them. However, in order to create really good ads, you’ll have to work with a publishing partner that’s certified by Google. Thanks to Adsense, there are rules and regulations that you must abide by; or else you’ll risk having your ads go into downtime, which can prevent you from gaining more CTR.

publishing partner programs

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To ensure that you’re with the right publisher, look for the following qualities:

  • They focus on helping you create great content that places you high, and gets you plenty of CTR and user engagement with the whole webpage.
  • They must know which metric can give you the most out of your marketing strategy, thus allowing you to plan out your ad inventory, and target it.
  • They try different types of non-standard ads (i.e. sliders, carousels, anchors, etc.).

Tip 5: Optimize website for mobile

Nowadays, many people are on their phones and or mobile devices – 5.11 billion mobile users, with 2.71 billion on smartphones! So, it definitely pays to have ad yield optimization work for you. Such optimization includes:

  • Responsiveness and fast loading speed
  • Unique access to a mobile ad network, to access mobile inventory.
  • User-friendly interface


So, there you have it! We hope that you’ve learned something from this article today!

As you work towards optimizing your ads, you’ll soon see your revenue skyrocket, since you’ll now have the know-how from these 5 tried-and-tested techniques. No matter which technique you use – or all 5 of them – you’ll learn to better manage your ads, and watch them succeed online.


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