12 Benefits of using Animated Videos for your Business

Importance of Animated Video for Business
"Just like us, Google’s algorithms love animated video."

Animated videos are being used by businesses large and small to reach more people than ever before. Proven to boost conversions and increase engagement, take a look at what animation can do for your business.

Using Animated Videos in Business

You may have considered using animation to spice up your video sales letters, explainer videos, and other media. If you do, you’ll be following in the footsteps of a lot of major corporations and successful start-ups who have also used the medium to their benefit.

Unsure how animation can grow your business? Let’s take a look at the reason why animation continues to be an enduring presence in the online world of marketing.

Animation Can Bring Any Idea to Life

Because of the endless customization and creativity animation allows for, you can bring to life any story or message with ease. Unlike live action, you don’t need to make use of large, elaborate sets or special effects.

Animation Has Universal Appeal

Chances are when you were young, you watched cartoons. At some point, almost everyone has watched and enjoyed the format. It’s not only children who love animation either. Take a look at the explosive popularity of animations such as Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, and Family Guy to see how beloved the medium is.

Animation Easily Explains Complex Ideas

We mentioned above how no idea is off limits when it comes to animation. This lack of restriction also means animation is king when it comes to conveying complex or abstract topics that would be hard to tackle using live action.

Explaining how we think dreams work, or how time works in a black hole can be hard to demonstrate using copy alone, and nigh impossible for live action to demonstrate. This is where animation truly shines.

Animation Delivers Emotion to Your Message

Animation is excellent at combining emotion with storytelling. Able to create strong characters and narrative that connects to audiences at a core level. The marriage of sound, visuals, and story are a potent mix that will resonate with viewers.

Animation is a powerful tool for businesses wanting to engage their audiences on a deeper, more personal level.

Animated Videos Boost Conversions

Studies show that using videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86%. Animated videos trump other types of video when it comes to engaging audiences and watchability. This means that they offer an incredible rate of conversion, some of the highest seen amongst content types in marketing.

Animation is Cost Effective to Produce

Despite what many people think, modern animation is a cost-effective medium that fits almost any budget. Thanks to improvements in digital technology, you can produce animation fast, cheap, and with no sacrifice to quality.

Animated Videos Increase Your Site’s SEO

Just like us, Google’s algorithms love animated video. Including them on your site will boost your SEO and help it to rank higher in searches.

Having an engaging animation will also mean viewers are going to spend longer on your page watching the content. This increases the time spent on your site, a contributing factor when Google is looking for pages to show on its search engine.

Studies show that search results that include a video thumbnail can double search traffic.

Animation Helps Your Business Stand Out

Everyone knows the internet is oversaturated with video content. In fact, it’s predicted to make up 87% of all internet traffic in the near future. With this level of competition, creating content that remains exciting and engaging can be a difficult task.

In a world of boring testimonials, and uninspiring demonstration videos, animation can help your business make its mark. Due to the level of creativity, they are far more likely to be watched and remembered by those that see them, helping your business cut through the noise.

Animated Videos Expand Your Reach

With social media, there’s never been a more interconnected time. The instant transfer of information means that anything has the potential to ‘go viral’ and be seen by millions. After all, a 2018 study found that social media and watching videos are the internet’s two favorite activities.

Online audiences appreciate creativity. If something resonates with them then they’re more likely to share it amongst their friends and family. When it comes to this kind of content, animation is hard to beat.

Animation Builds Rapport

HubSpot found that 50% of consumers prefer video over other types of content when being marketed to. Video adds a more personal and interactive experience that wins over audiences. Coupled with animation’s ability to convey a message and scope for creativity, the benefits become clear.

Use Animation to Grow Your Business

It’s evident the amazing growth potential using animation can bring. Click below to see the full range of animation services we offer to businesses to find out what it can do for yours today.


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